Agenda item - New Economics Foundation: A Presentation on Wellbeing

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Agenda item

New Economics Foundation: A Presentation on Wellbeing

Juliet Michaelson from the New Economics Foundation to report.


18.1         The Board considered a presentation with slides from Juliet Michaelson from the Centre for Wellbeing nef (the New Economics Foundation).    The presentation showed a map of the UK highlighting levels of wellbeing after controlling for deprivation.  Another map of the UK showed local wellbeing inequality.  The presentation set out nef’s research on well-being and local government and explained the understanding of wellbeing at a local level. The dynamic model of wellbeing was explained. 


18.2         The research recommended looking at means of linking disparate areas of local authority work and re-imagining the role of local government from provider of services to facilitator of good lives.  The research showed that factors promoting wellbeing were not evenly distributed, so to improve wellbeing inequalities and deprivation should be tackled.  There was also a need for balance between support for the vulnerable & the whole population focus. 


18.3    The areas for action were strategic leadership, services & commissioning, strengthening communities, using LAs’ own organisation levers and measuring wellbeing outcomes.  


18.4    Councillor Meadows asked if nef was an independent think tank.  She stated that she did not find anything new being proposed and stressed that the council had been discussing these issues for many years.  Councillor Meadows considered that the council were already engaged in this work and already knew what it wanted to achieve.    Ms Michaelson replied that nef were funded through its research work.  She was sorry she had not brought anything new to the table.  She was hopeful that there would be the opportunity to work more closely in future. 


18.5    The Chair informed members that the council had not contracted nef to carry out this work.  He further explained that he had seen a presentation that Juliet had given to the Local Government Association and had invited her to give the presentation to the HWB.  


18.6    Tom Scanlon found the research very interesting and thought that there might be an opportunity to work together.  He was keen to bring wellbeing into the sexual health service.  There was a need to re-commission with a broader mind set. 


18.7    Geraldine Hoban stressed the need to commission social capital.  It was necessary to promote health and wellbeing in the city more generally.  Any help in how officers commissioned would be valuable. 


18.8    Ms Michaelson reported that an area of research was co-production.  This was working in partnership.  For example, time banks were a mechanism for people to help in any way they could and a means of building up relationships.  



18.9    Councillor Pissaridou considered that the council should look at its own resources.  The LA could be equipped to deliver this service.  Ms Michaelson stressed that although nef did work with local bodies, she was not attending the Board to make a direct pitch to provide a service.  


18.10  The Chair stated that there could be further discussions as to whether the council needed a further service as a result of considering this research.  He thanked Ms Michaelson for her presentation.


18.11  RESOLVED – That the presentation be noted.




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