Agenda item - Autism Strategy: Self Assessment

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Agenda item

Autism Strategy: Self Assessment

Report of Executive Director of Adult Services (copy attached).


32.1    The Board considered a report of the Executive Director of Adult Services which reported that the Department of Health required all areas to report on the progress of local Autism Strategies through a national self-evaluation exercise, the Autism Self-Assessment Framework 2013.  The Minister of State for Care & Support, in a letter to Directors of Adult Social Services required that local Autism Self-Assessments are “discussed by the local Health and Wellbeing Board by the end of January 2014 as evidence for local planning and health needs assessment strategy development and supporting local implementation work.”  The Department of Health intended to use the information gathered from all areas to inform a refresh of the Adults Autism Strategy in 2014.    The report was presented by the Commissioning Manager, Learning Disabilities & Autism. 


32.2    Councillor Bowden mentioned that a wide ranging report on autism had been produced by the Scrutiny Panel on Services for Adults with Autistic Spectrum Conditions.  He asked if the current report took on the recommendations of the scrutiny report.


32.3    The Commissioning Manager confirmed that the Autism Strategy addressed all the questions raised by the Scrutiny Panel. 


32.4    Councillor Norman stressed that not all the recommendations of the scrutiny panel were quick fixes.  A great deal of work was required.  


32.5    The Health & Wellbeing Business Manager informed the Board that the Commissioning Manager had reported to the Scrutiny Committee this summer on how the scrutiny panel recommendations would be implemented. This information would be sent to members of the Board.


32.6    Frances McCabe raised the issue of how people with autism were dealt with when using NHS services.  The Commissioning Manager replied that this matter was dealt with in the report.  Training on awareness would be a key role for the diagnosis service and may include informal training sessions for staff in GP practices. 


32.7    The Chair asked for a progress report in 12 months to inform the Board about the implementation of the recommendations.


32.8    Councillor Bowden referred to autism in relation to the education system.  The Commissioning Manager explained that the current strategy related to adults with autism.  However there was a section on transition.  Officers were working closely with Children’s Services to ensure strategies were aligned. 


32.9    Pinaki Ghoshal confirmed that there was a scrutiny panel on children with autism. 


32.10  Councillor Bowden noted that the report referred to the need to engage with the Criminal Justice system.  The Police Commissioner had asked for the police to have representation on the Health & Wellbeing Board.  Councillor Bowden considered that they should have representation.


32.11  The Chair explained that there was no formal invitation for the police to attend the Board but there was an open invitation for the police to attend on an informal basis.  It was agreed that the Chair and the Health & Wellbeing Business Manager would contact the Police Commissioner’s office to establish what type of representation they required.


32.12  Councillor Meadows stated that she was relieved to see the strategy implemented. She thanked the Commissioning Manager for his work on the strategy.


32.13  RESOLVED – (1) That the content of the Brighton & Hove Autism Self-Evaluation report attached as Appendix 2 of the report be noted.


(2)       That the progress made to date through the Autism Strategy and the plans for further development and improvement of local services and outcomes for people with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC) be noted.



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