Agenda item - Integrated Transformation Fund

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Agenda item

Integrated Transformation Fund

Presentation by the Chief Operating Officer, CCG and Executive Director, Adult Services.


30.1    The Board considered a presentation with slides from Denise D’Souza and Geraldine Hoban.  The presentation set out the background to the Integrated Transformation Fund and the financial implications for Brighton and Hove. Members were informed how councils and CCGs develop and agree a joint plan and how they would be rewarded.   The presentation stressed the need for joint working with providers.


30.2    Members were informed how the ITF would be managed.  The DOH was considering what legislation was required for the ITF.  Options would be laid out in the Care Bill.   Members were informed of the draft template for developing an integrated plan and were informed about the national conditions.   


30.3    Members were informed that plans needed to be in place by 14 February 2014. 


30.4    Geraldine Hoban stressed that there was no new money for the fund. Money had to be redirected and used in different ways.  This would involve working out of hours and looking to the voluntary and third sector.  There would be a new model of care around frailty and an Integrated Frailty Delivery Board.  There would also be an Integrated Homeless Delivery Board.  Both boards would feed into an Integrated Transformation Fund Programme Board.  A report on the Integrated Transformation Fund would be presented to the Health and Wellbeing Board on 5 February 2014.  


30.5    Councillor Meadows referred to the slide on Financial Implications for Brighton & Hove. This stated that there would be £10.1m new money.  However members had just been informed that there would only be existing money.  Would the £10.1m be savings?  Councillor Meadows noted that there had been a reference to pooled budgets.  Would this be the same Section 75 pooled budget? 


30.6    Geraldine Hoban explained that there was no new money.  The £10.1m would come from the CCG budget. The money would be found from savings in the health budget.  The current Section 75 agreement did not involve pooled budgets or shared risks.  There were separate budget streams.  The proposed pooled budget would be a truly shared budget and with shared risks.   


30.7    Councillor Bowden asked for more information about timelines.  He asked if the fund would be implemented next year or just before the next general election.  Members were informed that there was a need to invest in pump prime community support services.  Performance would be considered in the last quarter of 2014.  There was an expectation that existing performance measures would be used.


30.8    Frances McCabe asked what levers were in place to ensure that there was adequate funding.  Geraldine Hoban explained that the CCG had had to top slice an element of funding at the CCG to pump prime these investments.  A war chest was being built up for next year.  There were some levers and freedoms in how funding was received next year. 


30.9    RESOLVED – That the presentation be noted.



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