Agenda item - Fees and Charges 2014/15

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Agenda item

Fees and Charges 2014/15

Report of the Executive Director of Environment, Development & Housing (copy attached).


1.                  That Committee approves the proposed fees and charges for 2014/15 as set out within the report and its appendices.



67.1         The Committee considered a report of the Executive Director of Environment, Development & Housing that set out the proposed fees and charges for the service areas covered by the Committee for 2014/15.


67.2         Councillor Robins referred to the proposed changes to London Road car park tariffs which had a minimal increase and asked if it would not be more straightforward to retain the existing charges for the benefit of clarity as the proposals appeared unnecessarily complex.


67.3         The Head of Transport replied that the key factor in the proposals was to reduce over occupancy which had become a significant factor at the car park.


67.4         Councillor Wealls noted the new tariffs at Regency Square car park and asked if they might be prohibitive to those people arriving at 4pm to check in at hotel accommodation and staying overnight.


67.5         The Head of Transport stated that it was proposed to introduce the new tariff as there was an overlap between the evening rate and overnight rate in the existing system. The Head of Transport added that there would be a marginal reduction in the overall charge for an overnight stay under the proposed new fee.


67.6         Councillor Hawtree requested more information on the cultivation licence, a function he would like to see more of and for confirmation that visitor permit charges were increased from £1 to £2 in 2008.


67.7         The Head of Transport confirmed that there had been an increase in visitor parking permit charges in 2008 form £1 to £2 and explained that the cultivation licence put in place a robust regime of insurance as offices were mindful of objects on verges or other highway green space that may cause damage to vehicles.


67.8         Councillor Cox formally moved a motion to add an additional recommendation as shown in bold italics below:


2.3       That scaffolding charges are only increased in line with the inflation rate of 2.5%


67.9         Introducing the amendment, Councillor Cox stated that the increase of 9.1% had been justified on the basis that it brought the charge up to the average level charged by other authorities across the country. However, Councillor Cox believed this did not account for the overall impact of other charges made by the authority such as traders permits and parking charges that were amongst the highest in the country and a detriment to local businesses. Councillor Cox stated that that a 9.1% rise in scaffolding licence charges would place further burden on traders and was an unnecessary tax.


67.10     Councillor Janio formally seconded the motion.


67.11     The Head of Transport stated that the amendment was not unreasonable and could be implemented by officers if passed.


67.12     The Chair clarified that the amendment would increase the existing charge by £1.37 rather than the £5 proposed in the report.


67.13     Councillor Sykes stated that the increase in the cost of traders permits had only brought the authority in line with the charges made by neighbouring authorities and therefore, he did not believe there was sound justification to the motion.


67.14     Councillor Janio stated that he believed any increase imposed on traders had a significant impact.


67.15     The Chair then put the motion to the vote with the following outcome:


For: 3

Against: 4

Abstentions: 3


67.16     Therefore the motion was not carried.


67.17     RESOLVED-  That Committee approves the proposed fees and charges for 2014/15 as set out within the report and its appendices.


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