Agenda item - Brighton & Hove Health & Wellbeing Board (HWB): New Terms of Reference

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Agenda item

Brighton & Hove Health & Wellbeing Board (HWB): New Terms of Reference

Report of Director of Public Health (copy attached).




5.1       The Chief Executive, BHCC presented a report which set out Terms of Reference for the Board which were recently amended at Full Council on 8 May 2014.  The report to Council was attached as appendix 1 to the report.


5.2       The Chief Executive reported that the council were working very closely with colleagues from the CCG and NHS to develop the Health and Wellbeing Board arrangements.  In additional to the Health and Wellbeing Board, there would be a Health & Wellbeing Officer Executive Board chaired by her and the Health and Wellbeing Partnership.


5.3       The Chief Executive stated the arrangements would result in the Health & Wellbeing Board providing system leadership to the whole health and social care system in Brighton & Hove.  The intention was for the Board to encourage all members to participate and reach a consensus.    The detail of the new arrangements was attached as Appendix 2 of the report.  The remit of the Board was very wide and covered ‘cradle to grave’ services.  It would not be restricted to medical or social care matters but would include public health, children and young people, housing and other services, in order to provide the best services for the population. 


            Questions and Discussion


5.4       Tom Scanlon remarked that he was pleased to see the new arrangements which would result in operating in a different way.  There was an intention to try and raise the profile of the Board across the city. 


5.5       Councillor Norman stated that he had been involved with the Board from its inception and was pleased to see the new arrangements.  Councillor Norman hoped that the Board would continue to look for improved ways of working.  For example, he suggested that in future the Board should sit in a circle rather than in Board Room style.  The Chair replied that nothing was set in stone and all suggestions for improvement would be considered.         


5.6       Councillor Jarrett concurred with previous comments.  He thanked everyone who had contributed to the Board over the last two years. 


5.7       Dr Christa Beesley commented that from an NHS point of view she welcomed the revitalisation of the Board and stressed that there was important work to carry out.  This work included making improvements to systems as well as healthcare. 


5.8       Graham Bartlett stated that he was delighted to be involved as a member of the Board.  His role would be to ensure that safeguarding children was considered across the city.   


5.9       The Chair stated the reconstituted Board was one element of the changes.  There were limited numbers on the Board, however the Health & Wellbeing Board Partnership would involve members from the third sector and independent sector and there were a number of forums that would provide an opportunity for participation.   


5.10    RESOLVED – (1)  That the revised Terms of Reference for the Health and Wellbeing Board as attached at Appendix 1 of the report be noted.



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