Agenda item - Highway Licensing

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Agenda item

Highway Licensing

Report of the Executive Director, Environment, Development & Housing (copy attached)


RESOLVED - That Members note the contents of the report and associated policy.


29.1    The Committee considered a report of the Executive Director of Environment, Development and Housing setting out the current status of licensing advertising boards, outside seating and shop displays on the public highway. The Chair had requested this report due to the growing public debate and media interest in street clutter.


29.2    The Head of Highway Operations, Christina Liassides explained that in 2009 the council had reviewed the Highway Licensing policy, and in the light of extensive interest from local groups, as well as a potential challenge from the RNIB, it had been agreed to hold an in-depth scrutiny review. The scrutiny review had looked at street access as a whole and a number of recommendations had resulted and had been set out in their report published 2010. Some of those recommendations now formed part of the standard licensing conditions including maintaining a minimum pavement width around licenced items of 1.3m and only allowing one advertising board per elevation. However, some including the marking out of areas for example in relation to outside seating areas had proved harder to implement. After several years of trying to find a suitable marking material it was now hoped to have all outside seating areas, shop displays and advertising boards marked out by October 2015.


29.3    Councillor Kennedy commended the report which was very informative and detailed the progress which had been made across various areas of the departments activities. Councillor Kennedy cited an instance in her ward where prompt action had been taken deal with an overgrown hedge.


29.4    Councillor Lepper was pleased to note the progress that had been made in respect of addressing issues in relation to street furniture and the placement of tables and chairs adjacent to the highway. Councillor Lepper was also pleased to note that whilst supported where appropriate enforcement action was taken when it was not and in stances where repeated remedial action had not been taken and advice given had been ignored.


29.5    Councillor Simson asked for further details of joint initiatives which had been undertaken in concert with the Police. Councillor Simson also noted the measures being undertaken to source suitable materials to delineate areas where tables and chairs were to be placed on the highway.


29.6    RESOLVED - That Members note the contents of the report and associated policy.

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