Agenda item - HCA update and Land Programme

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Agenda item

HCA update and Land Programme

Presentation from Ken Glendinning, HCA (Head of Area - Surrey and Sussex)


16.1      The Board considered a presentation from Ken Glendinning, Homes & Communities Agency (HCA) that provided an update on the role, objectives and work of the HCA in housing delivery and supporting local economic growth.


16.2      Councillor Morgan asked on the definition of affordable housing by the HCA. Councillor Morgan noted that affordable housing was a significant problem in the South East region and the Right to Buy Scheme had led to difficulty in local authorities providing housing. Furthermore, Councillor Morgan stated that Starter Homes Scheme was often outside of the reach of key workers and iterated his belief that public land should be used for housing development for public workers.


16.3      Ken Glendinning stated that affordable housing and shared ownership was a focus for the HCA. Local authorities could still make decisions about how land was brought forward and the HCA was engaging at local level on land contribution.


16.4      Dean Orgill asked if there was an indication on the number of houses that could be built.


16.5      Ken Glendinning clarified that the bulk of housing would be built in Crawley with smaller assets used across the rest of the region. He added that central government was keen to divest itself of public land and that message was being cascaded to all government departments. Transparency would be provided through the Housing Board and significant work had been undertaken with the LEP to date.


16.6      Councillor Turner noted that the proposal were very much focussed on housing and asked if HCA were minded of the need for balanced developments to included schools and other infrastructure.


16.7      Ken Glendinning clarified that the HCA was very aware of the need to support the economic needs of areas and there would be a focus on building schools, public health buildings and community buildings to supplement housing developments.


16.8      Peter Davies asked if the HCA could use compulsory purchase powers.


16.9      Ken Glendinning confirmed that the HCA could use such powers but it was not their preferred tool of governance or delivery.

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