Agenda item - Ofsted Inspection

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Agenda item

Ofsted Inspection

Verbal update on any Ofsted Inspections held since the last meeting of the Committee.


7.1       The Head of Standards & Achievement Education & Inclusion introduced and noted that the Headteachers from Bevendean Primary School and Benfield Primary School had sent their apologies. It was explained that Benfield Primary School’s Ofsted report had been rated ‘good’, an improvement from the previous Ofsted report that rated the school as ‘requires improvement’. Bevendean Primary School had retained a ‘very good’ rating from Ofsted.


7.2       The Head of Standards & Achievement Education & Inclusion was joined by Kate Williams, Headteacher of Longhill High School, and Jo Cassidy, Deputy Headteacher of Longhill High School.


7.3       The Headteacher of Longhill High School explained to the Committee that the school still ‘requires improvement’; however, the Ofsted report had been more positive and had recognised that a lot of good work had been completed in the previous year. The key areas of improvement were outlined: behaviour and disruption – intensive work had begun with staff and structures were being established; the recruitment of maths teachers – from September 2016, the maths department would be fully staffed and the new Headteacher of Longhill High School was the head of maths, and the support received by the middle leaders – community work was being organised to engage with the parents.


7.4       The Deputy Headteacher explained to the Committee that there was a negative perception of Longhill High School; however, Ofsted had recognised that there were strengths of the school. It was added that the school had formed partnerships with other schools in Brighton & Hove, and this had been very positive.


7.5       Councillor Miller thanked the Headteacher and the Deputy Headteacher for attending the Committee and noted that it was a positive report from Ofsted.


7.6       Councillor Daniel congratulated Longhill High School and noted that the Councillors and the media should help reduce the negative perception of the school.


7.7       Councillor Chapman thanked the school and agreed with Councillor Daniel and noted that he would be happy to work alongside the school to promote a positive image.


7.8       In response to Martin Jones, the Headteacher explained that there were a number of challenges in relation to the school; however, she highlighted her 20 years of experience as well as the high expectations she had for the school.


7.9       Councillor Barradell commended the staff of the school and thanked the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher for speaking at the Committee.


7.10    RESOLVED – That the Committee agreed to note the update.         



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