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To consider the minutes of the meeting held on 21 November 2016 (copy attached).


56.1    Councillor Brown referred to paragraph 49.5, and said that the Committee had not yet been provided with the number of children who had been referred to CAMHS and which school they attended. The Chair advised that officers had said that unfortunately that information could not be provided as it had not collected in a consistent way. 


56.2    Councillor Wealls referred to paragraph 49.8 which stated that the ‘...the Community and Voluntary Sector were pleased to have supported and been involved in the pilot scheme’, and suggested that the wording include the fact that the Community and Voluntary Sector had provided a bus from the pilot schools to the places where the counselling was being held.


56.3    Mr Jones referred to paragraph 52.6 and said that not all of his comments had been included and that he had said the following:


While this change in Gap evaluation is important for areas where All Pupils are below national average, it is largely irrelevant for our successful schools and becomes a minimum low standard target rather than a target to aspire to. An example being that, using this new definition of Gap, the report states “there was a closing of the Gap between 2014 and 2015” when this is untrue locally as while (commendably) both Disadvantaged and Non-Disadvantaged increased there was a disparity of improvement. If as a City, Non-Disadvantaged Children and Young People are getting much better outcomes than National, we must expect the same for Disadvantaged. Accepting that with the higher attainment overall, it is difficult and this Gap may actually slightly increase. Locally the current disparity is too much and schools where the difference in high are not inclusive and should not state in their prospectus that they are.


56.4    RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the meeting held on 21 November 2016 (as amended) be agreed and signed as a correct record.

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