Agenda item - Items referred from Council

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Agenda item

Items referred from Council

Item referred from the last meeting of Full Council held on 21 July 2016 (copies attached).


(a)          Petitions


(i)            Marine Gate- Road Safety


(ii)          Rottingdean Traffic & Air Pollution


(iii)         Reintroduce scratch card voucher parking


(b)          Deputations


(i)            Woodingdean Traffic Management


(c)          Notices of Motion


(i)            Rottingdean Air Quality


(a)          Petitions


(i)            Marine Gate Safety- David Woodcock


25.1      The Committee considered a petition referred from the Full Council meeting of 21 July 2016 and signed by 142 people requesting the Council to address road safety and antisocial behaviour at Marine Gate and in the Marina car park area. An additional 558 signatures to the petition were presented at the meeting.


25.2      The Chair provided the following response:


“Marine Drive was a location assessed for a crossing in 2012.

At the time it was considered that the existing pedestrian refuge was adequate.

At the 27th November 2012 E&TS Committee, it was agreed to remove the crossing from the list but that the area would continue to be monitored.

That monitoring has resulted in justification to consider this location for pedestrian improvements. 

As a result, this location has been included in the Pedestrian Priority List on today’s agenda with a recommendation to further investigate improvement solutions including a formal pedestrian crossing.

Unfortunately we are not in a position to carry out traffic calming measures on the A259, this busy main arterial road linking several major towns along the south coast, however, the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership currently operate a mobile camera enforcement site in the lay-by above the Marina that covers the section of road up to, and including, Marine Gate flats.  This will undoubtedly have an effect on vehicle speeds especially where people are currently crossing the road to and from the Marina.

In relation to your concerns about noise from the Marina, any noise complaints can be reported to the Council’s Environmental Protection Team and they will take up any issues the organisations running the Marina but in addition, the Marina already has a security company that operates 24/7 and can be contacted on 01273 693696”


25.3      Councillor Miller asked if the Committee could take the recourse of receiving a report on the matter, addressing the issues raised in the petition.


25.4      The Chair stated that she was reluctant to receive a report on the matter as the matter was addressed in agenda item 30 and it would be appropriate to discuss the issue amongst the other locations that had undergone a rigorous road safety assessment.


25.5      Councillor Janio suggested that officers meet with ward councillors to provide a briefing on what was a complex issue and if that did not provide resolution; they could bring an item to the next meeting.


25.6      David Woodcock noted that the speed camera in place was not sufficient and what was required was a camera monitoring eastbound traffic as that was where problems arose.


25.7      The Chair stated that she would ask officers to discuss this matter with the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership as they were the responsible organisation for speed cameras.


25.8      RESOLVED- That the petition be noted.


(ii)          Rottingdean Traffic & Air Pollution- Lynne Moss


25.9      The Committee considered a petition referred from the Full Council meeting of 21 July 2016 and signed by 1309 people requesting the Council to address and provide solutions at the earliest available opportunity to poor air quality in Rottingdean High Street.


25.10   The Chair provided the following response:


“This issue will be considered by the Committee when it discusses the officer report at agenda item 27”.


25.11   RESOLVED- That the petition be noted.


(iii)         Reintroduce scratch card voucher parking- Councillor Brown


25.12   The Committee considered a petition referred from the Full Council meeting of 21 July 2016 and signed by 1714 people that requested the reintroduction of scratch card voucher parking alongside the new pay-by-phone system to give residents and visitors to the city a choice on how they pay to park.


25.13   The Chair provided the following response:


“A voucher system used to be available as an alternative to paying for parking by cash in a small area of the city but was withdrawn following committee agreement almost 10 years ago.

They were withdrawn following feedback from the Traffic Penalty Tribunal about the signage and use of the vouchers which some drivers found confusing. Drivers had to scratch off their arrival time and date and display the correct amount of vouchers for their stay, whereas other payment systems work this out automatically.

Since the withdrawal of the vouchers the number of PCNs issued has fallen by around 30,000 per year partly as a result of fewer mistakes being made by drivers using the voucher system. The voucher system was also very expensive to administer with costs including the invoicing of up to 200 outlets, a member of staff and van required to restock them, voucher printing costs and signage costs which would be considerable if the scheme were to be re-introduced citywide

Very few councils still now sell parking vouchers as a result.

Drivers wishing to pay for parking in cash at an outlet rather that at a machine or by phone can do so at one of 150 PayPoint outlets in the city. And the substantial cost which would be involved in reinstating a scheme which could even outweigh income received from their sale. And of course recently, the Policy, Resources & Growth Committee did agree to the introduction of pay by card parking system and we hope and we feel that will be a very easy and convenient method for motorists to use”.


25.14   RESOLVED- That the petition be noted.


(c)      Deputations


(i)           Deputations concerning Woodingdean Traffic Management- Stephen Roke


25.15   The Committee considered a Deputation referred from the Full Council meeting of 21 July 2016 requesting the Council to review traffic management arrangements for the next ten years in Woodingdean due to current levels of traffic volume and dangerous driving in the area.


25.16   The Chair provided the following response:


“Thank you for your deputation.

In regard to your query on traffic volumes I will ask officers to contact you directly to clarify with you exactly what changes are evident and that you have the latest traffic volume data.

I can inform you that since the public meeting in Woodingdean took place with Officers and representatives from the Hospital development, Road Safety Officers have examined the road safety data which indicates that the junction is operating safely. Officers have agreed to continue monitor the junction on a regular basis and take necessary action should safety problems become evident.  In addition, as agreed at the public meeting, Officers are currently analysing recent speed survey data for the village and will be feeding back the results to myself and local ward members within the next month.

The issue of construction traffic movements over the next 10 years are being picked up specifically by the developers of the 3T’s hospital at regular residents liaison meetings. I would encourage yourself and other residents to attend and participate in these meetings that are held with Hospital representatives and their contractors about day-to-day issues, and those associated with the 3Ts development.  This could include any concerns you or others have about Hospital-related traffic in Woodingdean.   You would be most welcome to attend the next meeting which will be in the evening on Wednesday 23 November”.


25.17     Councillor Janio stated that Members needed to take heed of the number of representations being made from the east area of the city as it would indicate there were extensive issues in the area and that action needed to be taken to address those issues.


25.18   The Chair stated that she could assure Councillor Janio that the issues raised were being taken seriously but were also intrinsically linked so any proposals coming forward from one particular area of the Deans would have an impact on another area. Therefore, a joined up solution was required.


25.19   Councillor Miller agreed that a linked solution was required but did not believe the council were allocating adequate resources or effort into finding a solution.


25.20   The Chair stated that she could provide assurance that officer time was being given to find a short and long-term solution to the issues.


25.21   RESOLVED- That the Deputation be noted.


(d)      Notice of Motion


(i)           Finding a solution to the air pollution problems on Rottingdean High Street


25.22   The Committee considered a Notice of Motion referred from the Full Council meeting of 21 July 2016 that noted the severity of traffic-related air pollution problems in Rottingdean High Street and requested a report be brought before the next committee meeting outlining options for improving traffic flow through the village and any other measures that would reduce air pollution levels in Rottingdean.


25.23   The Chair provided the following response:


“The Notice of Motion has requested an officer report and this matter and as Members will be aware, that is at agenda item 27. I propose discussing the matter when we reach that item later in the meeting”.


25.24   RESOLVED- That the Notice of Motion be noted.

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