Agenda item - Families, Children & Learning annual report 2017/18 and looking forward

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Agenda item

Families, Children & Learning annual report 2017/18 and looking forward

Report of the Executive Director, Families, Children & Learning


That committee note the report.


12.1         The Committee considered a brief presentation on the Families, Children and Learning Annual Report 2017/2018 by Carolyn Bristow. It was noted that efforts had been made to highlight various different types of information such as adult services that were provided through the directorate and focusing on key pieces of work such as the move the whole family approach. A light touch animated version of the report was to be published later in the month; also that supplementary content was to be provided such as articles and blogs.


12.2         Amanda Mortensen enquired how the gap was focused on.


12.3         Carolyn Bristow stated that over half the schools had been through the Poverty Proofing Audit, it was further noted that this carefully planned process was implemented well due to positive engagement.


12.4         Martin Jones queried the format of the report; he stated that it was best to provide positive information in a format that did not include pictures.


12.5         Carolyn Bristow stated that many forms of providing information had been explored


12.6         The Chair stated support for the format provided.


12.7         Councillor Phillips stated referred to the 2 conflicting issues highlighted on page 77 in regards to future plans. It was noted that a strategy to overcome the issues posed would have been welcome. She further noted that the bullet points provided no response to each other.


12.8         Carolyn Bristow agreed to look at this with a view to decide what steps would be taken in future,


12.9         Councillor O’Quinn referred to page 76 and praised the achievement. She noted that an increase in house foster carers was important and that overall faith in the system and social workers remained positive.


12.10       Councillor Brown echoed Martin Jones’ concerns regarding the format of the report. She stated that she was pleased with the challenges and agreed with Councillor Phillips’ request for measures to be taken.


12.11       RESOLVED - That committee note the report.

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