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Chairs Communications


3.1       The Chair told the committee the following: “We’ve had some changes in membership following Annual Council. I’d like to thanks Cllrs Andrew Wealls, Ann Norman and Penny Gilbey for all their work with the committee and to welcome Cllrs Mo Marsh, Carol Theobald and Dawn Barnett.


After the papers for this meeting were finalised, it was realised that the page numbering had gone awry. The page numbers in the agenda are in fact two pages ahead of where they should be: so where it says that an item is on page 9 it is in fact on page 7.


Several NHS briefings have been received in the past few days and have been circulated in advance of this meeting. These concern plans to close the Rottingdean branch GP surgery; and an announcement that local CCGs will have to make significant additional savings this year. We’ve also had notice that the 111 procurement process, which the HOSC has been monitoring, has been suspended.


 If members wish to discuss these issues, I suggest that they do so under item 6 which is the CCG update on recent events in the local health economy. However, I think that detailed debate would be better at the next HOSC meeting where it can be supported by reports.”



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