Agenda item - Delayed Transfers of Care: HOSC Update

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Agenda item

Delayed Transfers of Care: HOSC Update

Report of the Executive Director Health & Social Care, with input from Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals Trust, Brighton & Hove clinical Commissioning Group and Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (copy attached)


8.1       This item was introduced by Grace Hanley, Assistant Director, Health & Adult Social Care; and by Ben Stevens, Director of Operations, Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals Trust (BSUH).


8.2       In answer to a question from Cllr Barnett as to when discharge planning should start, Mr Stevens told members that it should ideally start pre-admission once staff became aware of a patient’s specific needs.


8.3       Cllr Marsh enquired why the Delayed Transfers of Care (DToCs) for residential care waits are still high. Ms Hanley responded that the majority of these delays (89%) relate to mental health settings. There is currently inadequate city supply of residential beds for this client category and commissioners are working to support providers to diversify in order to meet these needs. Where there are delays relating to non-acute NHS services, these are generally for rehab beds (e.g. at Craven Vale or Knoll House).


8.4       In response to a question from Colin Vincent on the breakdown of DtoC cases by age, Ms Hanley responded that she did not have the figures to hand but would respond to this point in writing. Ms Hanley subsequently circulated additional information on this point. This is attached to the minute of this meeting for information.


8.5       In answer to a query from Fran McCabe on how Home First is funded, Ms Hanley told members that it is jointly funded, partly via the Better Care Fund. Partners are confident that this funding is sustainable because there is clear evidence that it has delivered improvement.


8.6       RESOLVED – that the report be noted.

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