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Agenda item

Chair's Communications


            Arrangements for Pride 2018


13.1    The Chair, Councillor O’Quinn, referred to the Pride celebrations which had taken place earlier in the summer (the subject of a separate presentation). The Police had reported that there had been fewer incidents overall, the only issues had arisen at the train station when people had been trying to get home.


            Police Licensing Strategy Meeting(s)


13.2    The Chair stated that she had been very pleased that Police representatives had attended the recent Licensing Strategy meeting. Approximately 21 people had attended the meeting which represented a diverse mix including from the Students Union of Sussex University, LAT representatives, Licensing Consultants and Residents Associations.


13.3    There had been lively discussion and debate on a range of matters such as, how “Fresher’s Week” had gone, the success of Pride this year, a Presentation on the work of the Beach Petrol, hours of operation of cafes and discussion about alcohol in the workplace in view of the number of recent licensing applications submitted by companies who wished to obtain a licence in order that they could sell alcohol to individuals hiring space in their offices. There was concern that this could be a retrograde step.


            Licensing Committee Members – Operation Marble Visit


13.4    The Police had been approached in order to arrange for Members to accompany Officers on “Operation Marble” on a weekend evening during November. The request had been made in June and a response was still awaited, it was understood that the Police were currently very short  on manpower, however, this matter would be pursued and a date arranged as soon as was practicable.


13.5    RESOLVED – That the contents of the Chair’s Communications be noted and received.


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