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Agenda item

Ofsted Update


20.1    The Head of Education Standards & Achievements and Head of Service Early Years Youth & Family Support provided an update on schools which had recently been inspected by Ofsted.


20.2    The Head of Education Standards & Achievements was pleased to advise that the results put Brighton and Hove above the national average for food schools or better including attendance. A video was played showcasing the Roundabout Nursery and its success.


20.3    Councillor Phillips enquired what could be done to help nurseries falling behind.


20.4    The Head of Service Early Years Youth & Family Support stated that Ofsted carried out inspections every 4 to 5 years in which time criteria could change. It was noted that within this time the Committee would also often change and that BHCC had a team that was working with safeguarding to address this issue.


20.5    Councillor Taylor enquired what had been done to address the issue regarding phonics and further enquired if strategies could be implemented ahead of the next Ofsted inspection.


20.6    The Chair clarified that Members were previously not able to look at the report as it was only published on the day of committee hence being brought to the September Committee.


20.7    The Head of Education Standards & Achievement stated that phonics had seen an increase however there were some ongoing issues. It was emphasised that a strategic approach was in place along with a support from other areas.


20.8    Councillor Taylor requested assurance that BHCC was addressing the issue regarding Brackenbury and Mile Oak.


20.9    The Head of Education Standards & Achievement stated that a school improvement board was convened every 6 weeks to address serious issues,


20.10  The Assistant Director Education & Skills stated that at both school improvement boards issues had already been identified with work underway to resolve them. It was further stated that in both cases the issue laid with the leadership and that since, BHCC had engaged with school partnerships and had developed audits for these.


20.11  Councillor Hamilton expressed concerns at the large loss of income brought on by the deficit of children availability to class provision ratio.


20.12  Councillor Penn enquired what steps were being taken to address parent’s concerns.


20.13  The Head of Education Standards & Achievement stated that communication was identified as an issue and that it was established that the head teacher’s presence at many different events was key.


20.14  RESOLVED – that the Committee agreed to note the report.

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