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Chair's Communications


46.1    The Chair gave the following communication:



I’d like to inform those present that this meeting will be webcast live and will be capable of repeated viewing.


Youth Organisation representative

I’m sorry to say that Ben Glazebrook from the Young People’s Centre, who has been a Youth organisation representative on this committee for a number of years has moved to a new role. I would like to thank him for his contribution to the committee over the years. For the meeting today Adam Muirhead will be representing the sector.


Former Portslade Sixth Form site

Work commenced on the construction of new buildings for Kings School and West Blatchington Primary and Nursery School a year ago in January 2018.  Work has progressed well and there have been no unexpected delays.  Work remains on target to be completed as planned.  This means that West Blatchington Primary and Nursery School will move into their new building at the end of the school Easter holiday 2019.  At that time the contractor will take possession of the existing school buildings, remove any asbestos prior to demolishing them and finishing the external works for the schools. 


As the Kings School building is much bigger the school will have taken longer to complete.  The Kings School therefore will be moving into their buildings for the start of the 2019/2020 school year in September.


Consideration is now being given to the future use of the Kings Schools current temporary site in Portslade.  The first action will be for the Department for Education to remove the temporary classrooms from the site.


We will need to secure the consent of the Secretary of State for Education to change the use of the site once it is vacated.  To achieve this we will undertake consultation with stakeholders to see if there is any further education need for the site.  The information collected during this consultation will form part of our submission to the Secretary of State.


Retirement of Head Teacher of Dorothy Stringer Secondary School

Finally I would like to publicly thank Richard Bradford for the contribution he has made to supporting children and young people across the city. Apart from a short period in Hong Kong, Richard has worked in schools across the city since 1990, most recently as Head Teacher of Dorothy Stringer. In addition to his time at Dorothy Stringer School, Richard also stepped in to lead Longhill Secondary School when it was without a Head Teacher and has also been Chair of the Secondary School Partnership.”


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