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School OFSTED Presentation

Update on Ofsted Inspections held since the last meeting of the



50.1    The Head of Education Standards & Achievement and the Head of Service – Early Years Youth & Family Support provided an update on schools which had recently been inspected by Ofsted.  It was stated despite the downgrade of Bright Start Nursery, there was little change from the previous meeting in terms of results. It was clarified that national information was published twice a year.


50.2    Councillor Brown expressed concern with Bright Start’s downgrade to inadequate and enquired if Brighton Hove City Council (BHCC) were aware of the issues that lead to this and further requested an update on how nurseries were doing now and clarification of what was done by way of training.


50.3    The Head of Early Years Youth & Family Support gave a brief overview of issues leading to Bright-Start’s negative and noted that among the main problems was the ongoing issue of recruitment and retention. It was stated that a comprehensive action plan had been in effect since Christmas focusing on areas identified.


50.4    Councillor Phillips noted the positivity of this not being a result of negative safeguarding. An overview of the management and leadership at Bright-Start Nursery, she furthered enquired if there were any systems in place for staff to visit and spend time to focus on procedural and managements styles at a successful nursery. Clarification was sought in regards to how many parent had left since the Ofsted inspection.


50.5    The Head of Early Years Youth & Family Support stated that in terms of management and leadership Bright-Start Nursery had a new manager with good work experience with other nurseries. It was noted that at the time of the inspection, Bright-Start Nursery were waiting for staff to begin. It was further noted that efforts to explore alternative methods of conducting this were being conducted and that of the 76 children attending Bright-Start 2 children had left due to the results of the inspection and 2 had moved to different areas.


50.6    Councillor Taylor enquired if last minute updates to Ofsted inspection reports could be sent via email in future. It was stated that middle street pupil premium funding was not properly displayed.


50.7    The Assistant Director Education & Skills stated that disadvantaged pupils were a city wide concern.


50.8    RESOLVED: That the update be noted.

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