Agenda item - A Review of 'Poverty Proofing the School Day' Programme

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Agenda item

A Review of 'Poverty Proofing the School Day' Programme

Report of the Executive Director for Families, Children & Learning (copy attached).


Resolved: That the Committee noted the work of schools in this area and the positive response from the many school leaders to ‘Poverty Proofing the School Day’.


63.1    Hilary Ferries, Senior Adviser – Education Partnerships, Nick Bramble and three Longhill High School students: Sophie, Spencer, Olivia; presented a review of the implementation of ‘Poverty Proofing the School Day programme across schools in the city.


63.2    The Committee were informed that ‘Poverty Proofing the School Day’ was developed to reduce stigma, remove barriers to learning and to assist school leaders to explore the most effective ways to spend pupil premium allocation. The report on the programme outlines good practice, raises areas to explore and suggests actions. The strength of the audit is looking at the schools through the lens of students and families who highlight any potential stigmatising policies or practices.


63.3    Karen James enquired how support could be given.


63.4    Ms James was informed that programme identified transport as the top issue. Access to school was important. After school activities were difficult if students had to rely on school buses that only ran after prime school times and not later.


63.5    Councillor Marsh enquired if help was given with uniforms.


63.6    The Member was informed that students can receive a free blazer and some schools were working with local suppliers to provide support for students with identified needs. It was noted that items of clothing with logo’s on were more costly than plain sweaters, t-shirts etc. The students felt that already used blazers, ties and other items should be given to the school to re-use.


63.7    Councillor Brown enquired if all schools would receive the best practice advice resulting from the programme.


63.8    The Member was informed that 90% of schools took part and that all the schools in the city would informed of the outcomes and best practice.


63.9    Councillor Druitt enquired what time after schools clubs finished and where the students aware if the Smarter Uniforms project.


63.10  The Member was informed that after school clubs lasted a variety of times and second pick-up by school bus would be difficult. It was noted that the students are aware of the Smarter Uniform project and its coverage across the city and the creative culture of recycling uniforms.


63.11  Councillor Allen enquired if music lessons were supported and if more affluent parents had skewed the figures in some areas of the city.


63.12  The Member was informed that some schools support funding for music lessons, but generally this was not the case, and funding for all extra activities was difficult. No trend had been identified regarding affluent parents. It was also noted that funding grants are available.


63.13  Councillor Taylor enquired if any particular outcomes had been identified.


63.14  The Member was informed that attendance had increased in some cases where support had been given.


63.15  Councillor Marsh reiterated to the Committee that grants are available and administered through cross-party groups. It was also felt that schools need to be reminded that there are educational trust finds.


63.15  The Executive Director Families, Children & Learning, informed the Committee that information relating to grants can be provided to Councillors upon request.


63.16  Resolved: That the Committee noted the work of schools in this area and the positive response from the many school leaders to ‘Poverty Proofing the School Day’.

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