Agenda item - Young Carers Presentation

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Agenda item

Young Carers Presentation

Presentation from the Executive Director for Families, Children & Schools.


59.1       Debbie Corbridge, Integrated Team for Families Manager and Tom Lambert gave a presentation on supporting Young Carers who are attending school in the Brighton and Hove area.


59.2       The Committee were informed that a Young Carer is a young person under the age of 18 whose life is affected by the care needs of another person, who may have any disability or long-term illness including a learning disability, mental health problem or someone who misuses drugs or alcohol. Young Carers provide, or help to provide a level of care and support to that person and take on a level of responsibility usually associated with an adult. The person they care for is usually someone they live with and could be a parent, sibling, grandparent or other relative.


59.3       In Brighton & Hove the City Council works closely with The Carers Centre charity to deliver support to Young Carers under the partnership model Carers Hub.


59.4       Councillor O’Quinn noted the amount of help and enquired if those who caring for siblings encountered greater issues.


59.5       The Member was informed that young carers received support for disabled or for those with mental health issues and caring for siblings was quite usual. Making schools aware and ensuring parents are receiving support was important along with ensuring the carer has emotional resilience.


59.6       Amanda Mortenson enquired if support was consistent across schools, where there specific barriers to entering university and how were young carers identified.


59.7       Ms Mortenson was informed that a current photo exhibition at Brighton station was raising awareness of the issues around young carers; carers are offered a Young Carers Passport to ensure teaching staff understanding and support, Brighton schools receive information from the Hub and carers were supported with university applications via ‘Young Carers Reaching Higher’ fund.


59.8       Councillor Marsh enquired if young carers were able to have ‘fun-time’ away from caring, what was the top age for receiving support and how hard-to-reach carers were supported.


59.9       The Member was informed that rest bite is available for young carers, including trips to events and theatre, crafting workshops etc., funding permitting. The top age for carers is 18 when carers move to adult social care. It was noted that carers can be as young as 6 years old and support can cease when the carer decides.


59.10   Councillor Wealls understood that funding was difficult and enquired if funding streams are consolidated.


59.11   The Member was informed that the Council funded Hub gives support and outside operations are working together to give support to the Hub.


59.12   Councillor Druitt enquired what the strong difficulties that young carers faced were.


59.13   The Member was informed that some care for siblings and parents. In all circumstances the support was tailored to the carers needs, with a 1-2-1 support package, rest bite management and an all-round holistic support programme.


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