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Agenda item

Chair's Communications


48.1      The Chair provided the following communications:


“I’m sad to see that there are no items of public or member involvement today. Over the last couple of meetings of this Committee, there have been a number of items submitted by members of the public and Members of this authority. These have led to a great deal of debate; some of it edging towards heated. This, in turn, has led to members substituting on this Committee to refer to it as ‘exciting’. I’m afraid that the lack of such items on today’s agenda will probably mean a return to the Committee’s previous reputation.

Nevertheless, there are a number of important issues before us today which will demand our full attention.

I’m particularly pleased to see item 53: update on internal audit actions in regard to Extra Care Housing. This report is before us as a result of the new protocol to follow up on any cases where two consecutive audit reports to not provide at least reasonable assurance.

Also, Committee members will note that the External Audit Progress and Audit Plan report was submitted late and is listed as the last item on the agenda. Due to the relevance of the items, should it be called, I intend to bring this item forward in the agenda to be taken after Item 54, the Internal Audit Strategy and Annual Audit Plan, should that be called”.



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