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Agenda item

Chair's Communications


3.1          The Chair gave the following communications:


“Audit and Standards Committee is a regulatory Committee, not a policy Committee. As on a policy Committee, the elected members who serve on this Committee do represent our political parties, but much more importantly, we represent the people of the city. Our job here is to ensure the Council, including our fellow members, perform our duties appropriately on behalf of our residents. As Councillors, we are the custodians of the public purse. The residents who elect us as their representative rely on us to ensure that the funds entrusted to us are spent wisely and well. Additionally, we are required to act in a manner which does credit to our role as representatives. We are required to behave in accordance with a set of standards laid down in our code of conduct. Among other things, we must behave respectfully; not bring our office or authority into disrepute; not bully or intimidate; not improperly confer advantage or disadvantage; and uphold our equality duties. Both these requirements, financial and behavioural, are essential. Failure to uphold either is unacceptable. This year, this Committee will absolutely ensure compliance in terms of both. I hope and expect that, in a year’s time, the public of Brighton & Hove will have no reason to question our commitment to either our Audit or Standards functions.


On a more specific matter; in regard of Item 12: Review of the Social Media Protocol for Members, as you may already know, I’m afraid I am not convinced that this is yet in a form which is ready for our deliberations. I strongly feel that it would benefit from further Member input. As a result, when we come to Item 12, I will be proposing a deferral in order for Officers to be given the time to consult with Members of both the Members Development Working Group and representatives of this Committee, before resubmitting the item to the next meeting of this Committee”


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