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Agenda item

Chair's Communications


3.1       The Chair provided the following updates:


            Electric Vehicle Rapid Charging Hubs


3.2       The Trade were currently being consulted over possible sites for 4 rapid charging hubs. The consultation period would end on 8 July and it was anticipated that the results of the survey would go forward to the ETS Committee in October 2019 with installation being completed by March 2020. The Trade were being encouraged to participate I the survey and to date the level of take-up had been encouraging. In the meantime 200 street lamp post electric charging points were to be installed by the end of October 2019.


            Child Exploitation Training for Taxi Drivers


3.3       Child Exploitation training had taken place at the Amex the previous day and that day as part of Exploitation Awareness Week. Over 300 drivers had attended the first session and a similar number were expected at the next training session. This training had been carried out in collaboration between the trade, taxi licensing, VVE coordinator and WISE and recognised the unique position taxi drivers had in terms of spotting the signs of exploitation.


            Animal Licensing


3.4       The Licensing Authority had been issued 14 licences under the new regime:


·         7 – Home Boarding of dogs;

·          5 - Selling Animals as pets;

·         1 – Cat Boarding; and

·         1 – Dog and Cat Boarding


3.5       These were given a star rating which dictated the length of their licence, for example a business that poorly performed but complied with minimum standards might be given 1 star which would be a 1 year licence requiring re-inspection and re-application after one year, whereas a business that complied to a high standard might be given 5 stars and be given a 3 year licence. There were around another 10 licence applications being processed. Once these licences had been issued the focus would be on investigating those who it was felt needed licensing but had not made applications, this applied mostly to on-line boarding hosts.


3.6       RESOLVED - That the content of the Chair’s communications be noted and received.


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