Agenda item - Residents Question Time

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Agenda item

Residents Question Time

Responses to items raised at the Tenant Only Meeting held on 20 June (East), 27 June (North), 19 June (West), 26 June (Central) (copy attached as ‘blue pages’).


18.1    Item 1 – Field Officers


18.2    Residents stated the following statements, concerns and enquiries:

·         It was stated that there was an issue regarding the delay in response from Field Officers.

·         Residents expressed approval overall as, on balance, more was provided by way of service than what was being paid for.

18.3    Officers stated that Field Officers were dealing with a wide array of issues that different areas of Brighton & Hove City Council would had previously been involved in.


18.4    Item 3 – Decent Homes Standard


18.5    Residents stated the following statements, concerns and enquiries:

·         It was stated that there was a lack of information in reference to rules that had to be met to apply for works to be carried out.

·         A resident enquired if there was to be a survey on the status of people’s residences.

·         It was noted that the gap between BHCC’s standard and the Resident Inspector’s standards and that this needed to be breached.

18.6    Officers responded to residents’ statements, concerns and enquiries with the following:

·         It was noted that there was a paper last year outlining the proposals for the review of the home standard in future.

·         It was stated that there was a constant review of stock conditions over 5 years to have re-surveyed all properties.

·         It was stated that residents must call repairs if there were issues.

18.7    AGREED – that the responses were satisfactory.

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