Agenda item - Re-organisation of Special Education in the city - Progress Report

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Agenda item

Re-organisation of Special Education in the city - Progress Report




1.    That Committee note the report.



37.1    The Committee considered a report of the Executive Director for Families, Children & Learning, which provided an update of Special Education in the City. The report was introduced by the Assistant Director – Health SEN & Disabilities.


37.2    The Community Works representative submitted 5 questions.


·         It was enquired if there would be problems of space with regard to the Downsview hub.

·         It was proposed that parents be able to engage with the consultation.

·         Clarification was sought on how the analysis, following the consultation, would be presented.

·         Further clarification was sought on how the Committee could further support AMAZE to achieve its targets.

·         The representative enquired what the savings were to date.


37.3     The Assistant Director – Health SEN & Disabilities noted that works had commenced on both sides and that efforts to minimise disruption would be undertaken. It was confirmed that parents would be involved in the consultation process. A task and finish group that was set up in September 2019 had in attendance, a range of stakeholders it was noted that part of the action plan was to consider how everyone would be engaged. It was further stated that analysis would be shared first with stakeholders. It was clarified that efforts would be made to consider routes of engagement with parents and schools with regard to SEND. It was noted that BHCC were acutely aware of the need for spaces for under 5’s and that the Jean Saunders centre was vital. Finally in regard to savings, the Assistant Director – Health SEN & Disabilities would provide information at a later date once overall figures had been fully established.


37.4    Councillor Brown sought clarification on what would be considered a suitable timeframe.


37.5    The Assistant Director – Health SEN & Disabilities gave a brief overview of the timetables for the East, West and Central hubs. It was agreed that further information regarding post 16 pupils would be brought at a later date.


37.6    Following an error found in the report, the Chair requested that an updated version including the Equalities Impact Assessment be circulated.


37.7    Councillor Clare enquired of the possibility to propose that carbon-neutral measures be considered.


37.8    It was clarified that a defined value of the outcome of claims had not yet been ascertained and that BHCC would be contacting to contractors regarding this issue.


37.9    Councillor Simson thanked the contractors and officers involved and noted that the changes made would increase the safety of children.


37.10  Councillor Wilkinson enquired if a primary school had been identified following the consultation.


37.11  The Assistant Director – Health SEN & Disabilities stated clarified that a primary school had not yet been identified and that the timescale of consultation was being extended. It was further noted that local primaries would be approached at a later date.


37.12   RESOLVED: That the report be noted.

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