Agenda item - Written questions from members of the public.

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Agenda item

Written questions from members of the public.

A list of public questions received by the due date of 12noon on the 13 December 2019 will be circulated separately as part of an addendum at the meeting.


51.1         The Mayor reported that one written question had been received from a member of the public and invited Ms. Sapat to come forward and address the council.


51.2         Ms. Sapat asked the following question;


Please can the Council provide us citizens the overall comprehensive transport strategy for Hove that takes into account the actual and proposed developmentin all areas where proposed development is possible. Can you please confirm that this transport strategy has actual and proposed traffic modelling underpinning the strategy, and accommodation for pedestrian crossings and achievable bike lanes that don’t destroy existing trees and verges?


51.3         Councillor Pissaridou replied; Thank you for your question Bhavna, which is in a number of parts, so I apologise for the length of my answer, but I want to ensure that all your points are answered. The council’s overall transport strategy for the whole city is set out in its Local Transport Plan and the council’s strategy for all development in the city, including the Hove area, is set out in its City Plan.  The development of the City Plan included a thorough assessment of the potential transport impacts of all of the proposed development up to 2030, including over 13,000 new homes, and identified how those impacts would be reduced to a satisfactory level.  This work was based on traffic modelling and the results are included in a document that is called the Strategic Transport Assessment. 


The City Plan was the subject of extensive public consultation and an independent examination over a long period of time before it was adopted in 2016.  All of these documents can be found on the council’s website.  Because the assessment was for the whole of the city, it did not include details about pedestrian crossings and cycle routes.  I suggest that I send you a full written response that will address these points.


51.4         Ms. Sapat asked the following supplementary question;Can the Council give the citizens of this neighbourhood, who are adversely impacted with a loss of amenity, adequate assurance with:


1.     Public meetings to explain the proposed accommodation of traffic for these areas- Sackville Trading Estate and Toads Hole Valley;


2.     That the Council will not give approval to the initial plans of Toads Hole Valley Development without showing the citizens how our neighbourhood will accommodate these developments and ensure the roads can accommodate the increase traffic without adverse impact;


3.     Please confirm to us if Sackville Trading Estate Development dwelling residents have been offered visitor parking of 100 per year, and which zone they will be in.


51.5         Councillor Pissaridou replied; There has already been a public meeting about the Toad’s Hole Valley site, which was arranged by your local councillors.  It was held on at Aldrington Primary School in January of this year and there were many questions asked about traffic and transport.  Representatives of residents’ groups have also met with councillors and officers at Hove Town Hall to have their questions answered.  


The council’s Planning Committee will consider the planning application in a meeting next year that will be open to the public to attend.  It will take into account all of the information and evidence that has been submitted, including representations from residents, before making its decision.    


According to the council’s website, only a small area of the Sackville Trading Estate is currently within the boundary of Parking Zone R.  People who live in that zone can currently buy 50 visitor parking permits per year at a cost of £3.50 each.  Only people in Zones L, P, S and W can buy 100 visitor permits.  Final decisions will only be made about parking permits if the committee decides to approve the development.


51.6         The Mayor thanked Ms. Sapat for her questions and noted that concluded the item.

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