Agenda item - Residents Question Time

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Agenda item

Residents Question Time

Responses to 3 Star Items raised at Tenant Only Meetings held across all wards. (copy attached as ‘blue pages’).


38.1      (Question 1: Anti-social Behaviour) The Panel asked whether residents were legally permitted to take photographs to provide as evidence towards investigations and how for how long CCTV records were kept.


38.2      Officers confirmed that residents could submit evidence and that CCTV recordings were kept up to 28 days.


38.3      The Panel asked for confirmation that the currently installed fire doors could null and void certain insurance policies. Further questions and comments were made about whether a 2-inch gap underneath the door met fire regulations and ensured safety from smoke inhalation.


38.4      Officers confirmed that as long as a consistent fire plan was in place, there would be no impact upon insurance claims. It was explained that 2i-inch gaps were standard for fire doors as the doors expanded in the event of a fire. In the event of a fire, smoke and fire would rise to the ceiling so would not permeate through the gap at the bottom of the door.


38.5      RESOLVED- That the answers to the various Resident Questions be noted.

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