Agenda item - Sussex Health and Care Plan -The Local Response to the NHS Long Term Plan

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Agenda item

Sussex Health and Care Plan -The Local Response to the NHS Long Term Plan

Extract from the proceedings of the Special meeting of the Health & Wellbeing Board meeting held on the 5 November 2019, together with a Joint report of the Executive Managing Director, Brighton & Hove Clinical Commissioning Group, and the Executive Director for Health & Adult Social Care.


59.1         Councillor Nield stated that the report had been referred for information in order to draw Members’ attention to the issue and the need for further consideration and consultation on the proposals.  She was concerned that the council was being railroaded int accepting the changes and that there would be pressure on the CCG to close the financial gap.  This would result in more savings being required from the council.  There was already pressure on GP’s and primary care and this was likely to increase.  She accepted that there were positive elements within the proposals but felt that more time was needed to understand the implications and to consider alternatives.


59.2         Councillor Janio noted that the Queen’s speech had made reference to the health service and suggested that a cross-party solution was needed for the city.  He noted that there was no mention of Toads Hole Valley in the plan and felt that was a missed opportunity to identify a location for needed GP surgeries and associated services.  He hoped that the council would take the matter forward and ensure that services were maintained for the city.


59.3         Councillor Moonan noted that the National Health Bill had been referred to in the Queen’s speech and hoped that further information would be forthcoming following the Green Paper.  She also noted that concerns about the proposals in the Plan had been raised at the recent Health & Wellbeing Board meeting and that these and other considerations would be put to the CCG as part of the continuing dialogue. She acknowledged that the consultation to date had not been as extensive, but it was ongoing and there were positive proposals for Brighton and Hove.


59.4         The Mayor stated that the report had been referred for information and therefore moved that it be noted.


59.5         RESOLVED: That the report be noted.

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