Agenda item - Internal Audit Strategy and Annual Audit Plan 2020/21

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Agenda item

Internal Audit Strategy and Annual Audit Plan 2020/21

Report of the Acting Chief Finance Officer


That the Internal Audit Strategy and Annual Audit Plan for 2020/21 is approved


54.1      The Committee considered a report of the Interim Executive Director, Finance & Resources that proposed the programme of internal audit and counter-fraud work for the coming year and the Internal Audit Charter which sets out the purpose, authority and responsibilities of the Internal Audit function.


54.2      Councillor Hugh-Jones noted that the MCM Housing Application was reported as a potential risk at the previous meeting and asked if any update was available.


54.3      The Audit Manger replied that he unsure of the current status but would update Members subsequent to the meeting.


54.4      Councillor Hamilton asked if school audits were undertaken to a planned schedule or whether they were random or targeted. Councillor Hamilton added that Members were rarely informed of Section 106 funding available and in his opinion, councillors should have more of a role in its allocation.


54.5      The Audit Manager clarified that allocation of S106 funding was subject to strict legislation. The Audit Manager added that the review would not necessarily concern the role of Members, more the sophistication and robustness of recording how the funding was used. However, there would be an opportunity to Members to comment on the finding and ask further questions once that review was reported. In relation to school audits, the Audit Manager answered that these were prioritised, typically this related to budget deficit issues or where a request was made to do so. Learning from each audit was communicated to other schools via guidance and briefings.


54.6      Councillor Hamilton asked if any follow-up audits were conducted.


54.7      The Audit Manager stated that follow-up audits were conducted where minimal or partial assurance had been assigned.


54.8      Dr Horne stated that whilst Health & Safety was a stable risk, its seriousness warranted an audit review. Furthermore, Dr Horne asked if it was intended to review cybersecurity in the context of its identification in the Risk Register.


54.9      The Audit Manager explained that Health & Safety had been removed from the long list Audit Plan however, it was very likely that there would be an audit undertaken in this area using the contingency days. The Orbis Chief Internal Auditor added that tan audit on cybersecurity had been undertaken in 2019/20 with reasonable assurance assigned.


54.10   RESOLVED- That the Internal Audit Strategy and Annual Audit Plan for 2020/21 is approved

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