Agenda item - Public Involvement

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Agenda item

Public Involvement

To consider the following matters raised by members of the public:


(a)          Petitions: To receive any petitions presented by members of the public;


(b)         Written Questions: To receive any questions submitted by the due date of 12 noon on the 11 June 2020;


(c)          Deputations: To receive any deputations submitted by the due date of 12 noon on the 11 June 2020.



(a)          Petitions


(i)           Stop residents being sandwiched between two HMO’s


5.1       The Committee considered a petition that requested that Brighton and Hove City Council try and refuse any application made for an HMO that would mean a resident being sandwiched between two HMO houses. This petition was signed by 31 people.


5.2       The Chair gave the following response:


“Planning applications for HMOs are currently assessed using City Plan Part One Policy CP21 which states that new HMOs will not be permitted where more than 10 per cent of dwellings within a radius of 50 metres of the application site are already in use as HMOs


The council is currently preparing City Plan Part Two which contains a policy (DM7) with three new criteria relating to concentrations of HMOs. This will mean that additionally applications will normally only be permitted where:


a) fewer than 20% of dwellings in the wider neighbourhood area are already in use as HMOs;

b) the proposal does not result in a non-HMO dwelling being sandwiched between two existing HMOs in a continuous frontage;

c) the proposal does not lead to a continuous frontage of three or more HMOs.


The Proposed Submission version of City Plan Part Two was approved a full Council in April this year and will be published for consultation once current government restrictions relating to Covid-19 have been eased. It will then be submitted to government for a public examination and, if found sound, can be adopted by Council to form part of the development plan for the city.”


5.3       RESOLVED – that Committee note the petition.


(b)          Written Questions


(i)           Carnegie Library


5.4       Christopher Hawtree put the following question:


“Would Councillor Appich please tell us how much has been spent upon the repair and maintenance of Hove’s Carnegie Library since 2016?”


5.5       The Chair gave the following response


“From April 2016 to March 2020 the sum of £301,577 was spent on the repair and maintenance of Hove Library.”

5.6      Mr Hawtree gave the following supplementary question:


“What plans were there or the maintenance for the front of the building and would fund from the lottery be sought to carry out such work”


5.7       The Chair offered a written response.



(ii)           Madeira Drive


5.8       Ms Amanda Bryce gave the following question:


Since 20 April Madeira Drive has been a haven for people wanting a break from the impacts of COVID-19 by walking or cycling easily at 2m distance along the seafront and away from traffic.


As well as benefits for physical and mental health, traffic-free places like this are proven to significantly increase an area’s social and economic vitality.


As businesses reopen, what is the council doing to gather views and build on the success of a “Madeira Drive for people not cars” to lock in these benefits in the future, especially in combination with proposals to rebuild the Arches?”


5.9       The Chair gave the following response:


“Madeira Drive has been shut in response to the current pandemic, to provide additional space in the city for walking and cycling.  This closure is identified in the council’s Brighton and Hove City Council Urgent Response Transport Action Plan and policy framework as we prepare the city to come out of lockdown.   The closure of Madeira Drive continues to be assessed and a decision will be made at the Environment Transport and sustainability committee on the 23rd June.  This decision will include considering walking, cycling and the needs of local businesses.” 


5.10    Ms Bryce asked the following supplementary question:


            “The aim should be to keep Madeira Drive as a low traffic zone and to keep it attractive and thriving not a car park. How will BHCC go forward with this?”


5.11    The Executive Director, Economy, Environment & Culture stated that this would be considered at the Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee on the 23rd June.



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