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Agenda item


Proposed by Councillor Clare on behalf of the Green Group.


78.1      The Notice of Motion as listed in the agenda was proposed by Councillor Clare on behalf of the Green Group and formally seconded by Councillor Heley.


78.2      Councillor Allcock moved an amendment on behalf of the Labour Group which was formally seconded by Councillor Williams.


78.3      Councillors Brown welcomed the motion and the amendment but because of the reference to reducing the age of voting to 16 asked that the Conservative Group’s opposition to such a change be recorded in the minutes.


78.4      Councillors Janio, Fishleigh and McNair also spoke on the motion and the amendment. Councillor Clare thanked everyone for their comments and confirmed that she was happy to accept the amendment. She hoped that the CYPS Committee would approve signing up to the Charter and improvements in communication and engagement with young people could be made so that they felt listened to.


78.5      The Mayor noted that the amendment had been accepted and that the Council was happy to move to a vote on the motion as amended, and therefore put the revised motion to the vote:


That this council:

·           agrees the importance of including young people’s voices in decision-making and commends the recent work on a ‘youth engagement’ action plan, which was created with young people themselves who worked hard on this initiative to ensure young voices have greater influence

·           commends the work of young people at the forefront of the Black Lives Matter movement, the Youth Climate Strikes, and in organising the Youth Climate Assembly

·           thanks Brighton and Hove Youth Council, YouthWise and Children in Care Council for their work in formally representing young people within council structures and recognises their importance

·           reaffirms its prior commitment to votes at 16

This council therefore:

·           agrees, subject to Children, Young People & Skills Committee approval, to sign up to the ‘Power of Youth Charter’, using the youth engagement report as a basis for showing how we will meet its aims;

·           requests the Children, Young People & Skills Committee receive a yearly report on actions taken against the Charter across the council;

·           commits to using our communication channels as councillors and political parties to support the work of young people, as per the charter

·           calls for a report to Children, Young People & Skills Committee, no later than April 2021, that:

§   assesses the methods the Council uses to engage with young people;

§   seeks to improve our communication with young people through a collaborative process; and

§   explores how young people are consulted and their views considered in all local policy decisions that impact them.


78.6      The Mayor then called on each of the Group Leaders to confirm their position as well as the Groups in turn followed by each of the Independent Members:


Councillor Mac Cafferty stated that the Green Group were in favour of the motion as amended and this was confirmed by the Green Group Members;


Councillor Platts stated that the Labour Group were in favour of the motion as amended and this was confirmed by the Labour Group Members;


Councillor Bell stated that the Conservative were in favour of the motion as amended and this was confirmed by the Conservative Group Members;


Councillor Brennan confirmed that she was voting for the motion as amended;


Councillor Fishleigh confirmed that she wished to abstain from voting on the motion;


Councillor Janio confirmed that he was voting against the motion as amended;


Councillor Knight confirmed that she was voting for the motion.


78.7      The Mayor confirmed that the motion as amended had been carried.

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