Agenda item - To agree those applications to be the subject of site visits

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Agenda item

To agree those applications to be the subject of site visits


91.1    The Chair, Councillor Littman, stated that all Members of the Committee had received an email from the Head of Planning, Liz Hobden, outlining that in view of the severity of the current situation the carrying out of site visits had been reviewed and that these should only be carried out in very exceptional circumstances. There were two applications on that day’s agenda which had been deferred from the last meeting in order to allow site visits to be undertaken – Item A (The Meeting House) and Item F 43 Clarendon Villas. The Head of Planning had pointed out in her email that these two applications did not meet the criteria for exceptional site visits and Members were invited to let Jane know should they require additional photographs and images, and were also invited to make individual site visits.


91.2    The Committee had a duty to determine applications, but Members must be satisfied that they had all of the information they needed in order to do so. The Chair explained therefore that he was going to ask Members, when it came to the debate on each item( after the presentation and questions) if they considered they have sufficient information to determine the two applications without the need for a site visit.


91.3      Subsequently, following discussion in respect of Application G – 39A Preston Park Avenue, the 9 Members present agreed by a vote of 5 to 4 to defer determination of the application, pending a site visit. Arrangements were to be put into place to enable a site visit to take place having regard to current government guidance and safety requirements.


91.4      RESOLVED – That the following site visits be undertaken by the Committee prior to determination of the application:



Requested by:

*G, BH2020/01969 - 39A Preston Park Avenue, Brighton


*It was agreed that this application would be subject to a site visit following discussion when considering the application. It was noted that no further public speaking would be permitted.

Councillor Fishleigh



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