Agenda item - BH2020/02654 - 43 Clarendon Villas, Hove - Full Planning

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Agenda item

BH2020/02654 - 43 Clarendon Villas, Hove - Full Planning


(1)              It was noted that an in depth presentation had been provided by officers in advance of the meeting and was included on the council website detailing the scheme by reference to site plans and elevational drawings which showed the scheme in the context of neighbouring development. The site abutted the gardens of residential dwellings to the north on Goldstone Road and residential properties converted into flats to the south on Clarendon Villas. The greatest impact would be on the flats directly to the south at 43 and 45 Clarendon Villas. Whilst the proposed office use, as well as use of the amenity spaces, car parking and driveway would intensify use of the site in an enclosed plot surrounded by neighbouring properties and gardens, given the relatively low occupancy and also use of the proposed forecourts and amenity areas for short periods, it was not considered that would cause significant noise disturbance or other harm. It was highlighted that there was an identical, extant permission on the site. It was proposed that the office use be secured by condition in order to prevent the development being converted into other Class E uses in future which could have an increased impact on neighbours. On balance it was not considered that the impact of the proposed office was such to warrant refusal of the application. It was therefore recommended that planning permission be approved, subject to the conditions within the report.


Public Speakers


(2)        Councillor Wilkinson spoke in his capacity as a Local Ward Councillor setting out his objections to the scheme. He considered that it represented overdevelopment of a constrained site. The access arrangements were too narrow with problematic access onto the adjacent highway, the increased height of the building would have a detrimental impact on the rear windows of flats in Clarendon Villas and the two parking spaces would be located in very close proximity to neighbouring flats.


(3)        Mr Pollard spoke as a neighbouring objector. The garages were currently little used, mainly for storage and consequently there was little access to/from the site, the accessway was narrow with restricted sight lines, vehicles leaving the site needed to do so by driving across the pavement. The proposed use would intensify use of the site and result in increased overlooking. Of particular concern was the very close proximity of the proposed parking spaces to the rear windows of his basement flat, this would have a serious negative impact on his living space and amenity.


(4)        Councillor Yates sought clarification regarding close proximity of parking to neighbouring bedroom windows and regarding current on site vehicular activity as did Councillor Shanks. Councillor Childs enquired regarding the state of repair of the existing access way and sought clarification from officers regarding any proposed future treatment of that surface.


          Questions of Officers


(5)           In answer to questions it was confirmed that whilst not fully utilised currently, the garages could be used at any time of the day or night and would also generate traffic movements using the existing access/egress arrangements. The noise and disturbance generated could be more significant than that of the proposed development which would incorporate only 2 parking spaces. It should be noted that no traffic transport issues had been identified by officers


(6)        Councillors, Osborne and Childs sought clarification regarding existing on-street parking capacity nearby and in relation to the extant permission. In answer to further questions, the Legal Adviser to the Committee confirmed that considerable weight needed to be given to the extant permission in determining the application and it was confirmed that no new material planning considerations had arisen since the date of that permission..


(7)        Councillor Osborne sought confirmation regarding bin storage and arrangements for removal of refuse from the site and it was explained that this would be from kerbside with bins being taken to the kerbside prior to collection.


(8)        Following the presentation and with Members having had the opportunity to ask questions the Chair reminded the Committee that it had a duty to determine applications, but Members must be satisfied that they had sufficient information in order to do without the need for a site visit. It was noted that additional information and visuals had been provided in order to assist with the decision making process. Members concurred that they had sufficient information to determine the application..


          Debate and Decision Making Process


(9)        The Chair, Councillor Littman, confirmed that being the case that it fell to the Committee to determine the application, giving due weight to the extant permission.


(10)      Councillor Fishleigh considered that it would be appropriate to carry out a site visit but that was rejected.


(11)      Councillor Yates made proposed amendments in respect of on-site parking arrangements but subsequently withdrew them. Overall, however, he considered that the scheme was acceptable and that account needed to be taken of the fact that the garage use could generate considerable movements to from the site.


(12)      Councillor Janio confirmed that he considered the proposal was acceptable.


(12)      Councillor Miller considered that the scheme was acceptable overall and that as the provision and location of parking on site seemed to be the main focus of objections that parking be removed from the site. Councillor Shanks concurred in that view.


(13)      A vote taken on the proposal that parking within the site be removed from within the area delineated by a red line. That was agreed on a vote of 6 to 4. A further vote was then taken on the substantive recommendation to include that condition. That was agreed on a vote of 8 to 1 to 1


92.5      RESOLVED – That the Committee has taken into consideration and agrees with the reasons for the recommendations set out in the report and resolves to GRANT planning permission subject to the Conditions and Informatives also set out in the report and the additional condition referred to in paragraph (13) above

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