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Chair's Communications


130.1    The Chair stated that there were a couple of things which he wanted to refer to before the meeting started. He explained that this would be the last wholly virtual Planning Committee meeting, for the time being, at least. Obviously, there were advantages in conducting the Committees business face-to-face. He was genuinely looking forward to being able to Chair real meetings with real people in attendance. However, the fact that this is being forced upon the Committee was in his view, simply wrong. In particular, this Council’s and this Committee’s make-up probably mirrored that of the general public. Some members had received would have had one, some none. Some would have underlying health issues which increased their vulnerability to Covid. Whilst he was glad to say that members of the public and the majority of Council Officers, would still be able to attend virtually, Committee Members might find themselves having to choose between being allowed to exercise their democratic rights, and keeping themselves safe from a potentially deadly disease. Of course, the Council would do everything in its power to run safe face-to-face meetings, but it was a shame it was being forced to do so.


130.2    On a happier, and more personal note, today marked the tenth anniversary of his first being elected as a Councillor. Overall, he had found the experience uplifting, and he hoped he had done a good job on behalf of his ward residents and the city as a whole. He was looking forward to the next two years and, who knew, possibly further terms beyond that.”


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