Agenda item - Review of Political Balance 2021/22

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Agenda item

Review of Political Balance 2021/22

Report of the Chief Executive (to follow).


9.1            The Mayor stated that the next item concerned the allocation of seats between political Groups, the appointment of Chairs, Deputy Chairs and Opposition Spokespersons to the various Committees. It also detailed the proposed membership of the various Committees, Panels, Boards and Working Groups; as well as the appointments of representatives to outside bodies for 2021/22.


9.2            The Mayor moved that the report of the Chief Executive be agreed.


9.3            RESOLVED:


(1)      That the appointment/re-appointment of the committees with the sizes and allocation of seats between political groups as detailed in the report and in appendix 1 to the report be approved;


(2)      That the allocation of seats as detailed in the report and appendix 2 to the report be approved;


(3)      That having received nominations for the municipal year 2021/2022 to the following Committees from the 3 political groups as detailed in appendix 2 to the report, these Committees and Sub-Committees be constituted and appointed to hold office until the next Annual Meeting of the Council and the number of Members and allocation of seats to the Party Groups (apart from co-opted Members) as detailed in appendix 1 to the report and as specified below be agreed:


Policy & Resources Committee – Councillors Mac Cafferty (Chair), Druitt (Joint Deputy Chair), Gibson (Joint Deputy Chair), Allcock (OS), Bell (OS), Appich, Clare, Evans, Miller and Yates.


Children, Young People & Skills Committee – Councillors Clare (Chair), John (Deputy Chair), O’Quinn (OS), Brown (OS), Grimshaw, Hamilton, Lloyd, McNair, Meadows and Nield.


Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee – Councillors Heley (Chair), Lloyd (Deputy Chair), Wilkinson (OS), Nemeth (OS), Bagaeen, Davis, Fowler, Hills, Hamilton and Platts.


Housing Committee – Councillors Gibson (Joint Chair), Hugh-Jones (Joint Chair), Hills (Deputy Chair), Williams (OS), Mears (OS), Barnett, Fowler, Meadows and Osborne.


Tourism, Equalities, Communities & Culture Committee – Councillors Osborne (Joint Chair), Powell (Joint Chair), Rainey (Deputy Chair), Evans (Joint OS), Grimshaw (Joint OS), Simson (OS), Brown, Childs, Ebel and Littman.


Policy & Resources (Recovery) Sub-Committee – Councillors Mac Cafferty (Chair), Allcock (OS), Appich, Clare, and Miller.


Personnel Appeals Sub-Committee – (3 from a pool of Members with designated reps) Councillors Littman, Grimshaw and Peltzer Dunn.


Audit & Standards Committee – Councillors Yates (Chair),  Hugh-Jones (Spokes), Hamilton, Meadows (OS) Moonan, Phillips, Peltzer Dunn and Shanks.


Licensing & Licensing (2003) Committee – Councillors Deane (Chair), Davis (Deputy Chair), Henry (OS), Simson (OS), Atkinson, Bagaeen, Ebel, Heley, Knight, Lewry, Moonan, Phillips, Rainey, Theobald and O’Quinn.


Licensing 2003 Sub-Committee (3 from the parent committee with designated reps) – Councillors Deane (Chair), Henry (OS) and Simson (OS).


Planning Committee – Councillors Littman (Chair), Ebel (Deputy Chair), Childs (OS), Theobald (OS), Barnett, Fishleigh, Janio, Shanks, Theobald and Yates.


Health Overview & Scrutiny Committee – Councillors Moonan (Chair), Brennan, Deane, Henry, John, Lewry, McNair, Meadows, West and Wilkinson.


Health & Wellbeing Board – Councillors Shanks (Chair), Nield (Deputy Chair), Fowler (OS), Bagaeen (OS) and Appich.


Adult Social Care & Public Health Sub-Committee – Councillors Nield (Chair), Appich, Fowler, Mears and Shanks.


Greater Brighton Economic Board – Councillors Mac Cafferty and Allcock.


Great Brighton Economic Board Call-in Panel – Councillor Bell.


Orbis Joint Committee – Councillors Gibson and Appich


Asset Management Board – Councillors Hugh-Jones (Chair), Evans, Gibson, Mears and Yates.


Black Rock Project Board – Councillors Druitt (Chair), Childs and Mears.


City Downland Estate Advisory Panel - Councillors Hugh-Jones (Chair), Brown, Henry, O’Quinn and West.


Community Safety Partnership Board - Councillors Powell (Chair), Grimshaw and Simson.


Corporate Parenting Board - Councillors Hills (Chair), Brown, Grimshaw, Nield and O’Quinn.


Homeless Reduction Board – Councillors Gibson (Chair), Mears and Williams.


Housing Supply Members Board – Councillors Gibson (Chair), Mears and Williams.


i-360 Project Board – Councillors Druitt (Chair), Bell and Moonan.


King Alfred Project Board – Councillors Mac Cafferty (Chair), Nemeth and Wilkinson.


Madeira Terraces Project Board – Councillors Rainey (Chair), Miller and Williams.


Prevent Board – Councillor Powell.


Procurement Advisory Board – Councillors Osborne (Chair), Yates (OS) Miller (OS), Druitt and Evans.


Royal Pavilion Trust Board – Councillors Mac Cafferty (Chair), Bell and Robins.


Safeguarding Board – Councillor Clare


Strategic Delivery Board – Councillors Mac Cafferty (Chair), Appich (OS), Bell (OS), Druitt and Evans.


Royal Pavilion Shadow Trust Board – Councillors Robins, Mac Cafferty and A. Norman.


Waterfront Project Board – Councillors Druitt (Chair), Henty and Miller.


Budget Review Working Group – Councillors Gibson, Appich and Miller.


Constitution Review Working Group – Councillors Clare (Chair), Nemeth and O’Quinn.


Cross Party KPI Development Group – Councillors Hugh-Jones (Chair), Moonan and Simson.

Cross Party Working Group on Planning Policy – Councillors Littman (Chair), Childs and Theobald.


Cross Party Youth Group – Councillors Clare (Chair), Brown and Grimshaw.


Joint Staff Consultation Forum – Councillors Mac Cafferty (Chair), Allcock, Bell, Evans, Gibson and Shanks.


Leaders Group – Councillors Mac Cafferty (Chair), Allcock and        Bell.


Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Working Group – Councillors Heley (Chair), Lewry and Wilkinson.


Member Development Working Group – Councillors Davis (Chair), Bagaeen, Lewry O’Quinn, Shanks and Williams.


Members Advisory Group Grants – Councillors Littman,      Hamilton and Simson.


One Voice Partnership – Councillors Hugh-Jones (Chair),    Grimshaw and Simson.


Performance & Information Group – (Invitees all Members of HWB and HOSC); Councillors Shanks (Chair), Bagaeen, Fowler, Moonan and Nield.


Planning Members Working Group – Councillors Littman    Childs and Theobald.


School Organisation Working Group – Councillors Clare, Brown, Hamilton, Nield and O’Quinn.


Stanmer Park Working Group – Councillors Lloyd (Chair),   Fowler and Nemeth.


Valley Gardens Working Group Councillor Davis (Chair), Nemeth and Wilkinson.


Youthwise – Councillors Clare, Brown and O’Quinn.


(4)      That in having regard to (3) above, those Members listed as Chair, Deputy Chair and Opposition Spokesperson (OS) of the respective Committees, Sub-Committees and Forums as detailed in appendix 2 to the report be agreed;


(5)      That in having regard to (2) above, the P&R Recovery Sub-Committee and an Urgency Sub-Committee for each Committee be approved in accordance with Procedure Rule 22 (such committee being politically balanced but not included in the total number of seats for the purpose of allocating seats);


(6)      That in having regard to (2) above, it be agreed that for the purpose of enabling meetings of the Personnel Appeals Panel (sub-committee) to be convened without disproportionate difficulty, the make-up of such panels need not be politically balanced although every effort would be taken to achieve it and that it also be agreed that:

(a)      Although the Panel has the Members referred to in Appendix 2 as its standing Members, where any of the 3 Members is not available, any Member of the Council who has received appropriate training shall be eligible to sit on the Panel;

(b)      The Head of Democratic Services be authorised to set up the Panel, as and when needed with the permanent Members or, where any of them is not available, by including any other eligible Member of the Council, having regard to the need, where possible, to secure cross party representation;

(c)      The above arrangements and those set out in paragraph 2.5 of the report are intended to operate as “alternative arrangements” for the pursuant to section 17 of the Local Government (Committees and Political Groups) Regulations 1990; and


(7)      That the appointment of representatives to various bodies listed in Appendix 3 of the report be agreed;


Name of Organisation

Appointments 2021/22

Brighton & Hove Legacy fund

Councillors Littman, Grimshaw and Lewry.

The Brighton Fund

Councillors Robins (Mayor), Appich, Barnett, Deane and West.

Arts & Creative Industries Commission

Councillors Rainey, O’Quinn and Theobald.

Brighton & Hove Connected

Councillors Mac Cafferty, Appich and Bell.

Brighton & Hove Music Trust

Councillors Hugh-Jones, Miller and Wilkinson.

East Sussex Pension Board

Councillor Druitt.

Local Government Association

Councillors Mac Cafferty, Allcock, Bell and Clare.

South East Employers

Councillors Shanks, Appich and Bell.


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