Agenda item - The National Bus Strategy

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Agenda item

The National Bus Strategy

Report of the Executive Director, Economy, Environment & Culture


18.1      The Committee considered a report of the Executive Director, Economy, Environment & Culture that provides recommendations for the council’s initial response to the Government’s National Bus Strategy, Bus Back Better in order to comply with deadlines set by the Department for Transport (DfT).


18.2      In response to questions from Councillor Wilkinson, the Senior Project Manager explained that the aim of the enhanced bus partnership was to improve the communication of bus service and timetabling information and the main local operator currently published all service providers information online and in paper copy. The Senior Project Manager added that there was a constant review of possible improvements to real-time service information. Furthermore, there would be a post-Covid review of bus services and supported bus services that would be presented to an upcoming meeting of the Policy & Resources Committee in addition to a further report to ET*S Committee later in the year and options for the circular minibus service would be reviewed as part of that process.


18.3      In response to a question from Councillor Nemeth regarding possible increased pollution by buses when travelling in the suburbs, the Senior Project Manager explained that the Council’s Senior Technical Officer for air quality would have extensive information and data on that matter. Furthermore, it was highlighted that the council was seeking to take part in the Zero Emissions Regional Bus Area (ZEBRA) bid which would introduce hydrogen buses to the city.


18.4      RESOLVED-


1)           That the Committee notes the National Bus Strategy and receipt of the £100k funding officers have applied for.


2)           That the Committee agrees to publish a notice of intent to form an Enhanced Partnership with bus operators.


3)           That the Committee notes the new opportunities available for an Enhanced Partnership and franchising and the potential benefits this could bring to the city’s bus services.


4)           That the Committee agrees to commission a feasibility study on franchising to be presented to a ETS meeting in Autumn 2021.

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