Agenda item - BH2021/00897 - 6 St Aubyn's Gardens, Hove - Full Planning

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Agenda item

BH2021/00897 - 6 St Aubyn's Gardens, Hove - Full Planning


1.    The Planning manager introduced the application.




2.    The objector did not attend the committee meeting, therefore, under Speaking to committee protocol, the agent was not able to speak.




3.    Councillor Shanks was informed that the structure had been completed and the application was for retrospective planning permission.




4.    A vote was taken, and by a unanimous vote Planning permission was granted. (Councillor Yates did not take part in discussions or any part of the decision making process).


5.    RESOLVED: That the Committee has taken into consideration and agrees with the reasons for the recommendation set out in the report and resolves to GRANT planning permission subject to the conditions and informatives in the report.

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