Agenda item - Deputations from members of the public.

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Agenda item

Deputations from members of the public.

A list of deputations received by the due date of 12noon on the 9 July 2021 will be circulated separately as part of an addendum at the meeting.


Deputation concerning Integrated Care Systems: What we can discern so far


20.1         The Deputy Mayor reported that one deputation had been received from a member of the public and that she would invite the spokesperson to introduce their deputation and for the relevant Chair to respond. She noted that 15 minutes were set aside for the consideration of deputations.


20.2         The Deputy Mayor invited Mr Ken Kirk as the spokesperson for the deputation to come forward and address the council. The deputation related to the proposed integration of care systems.


20.3         Mrs Kirk spoke on the deputation relating to the issue of the integration of care systems in Brighton and Hove.


20.4         Councillor  Shanks thanked Mr Kirk for his deputation and stated that the council does support the sentiments in the deputation and noted that he had undertaken a lot of research on the Bill. However, with 5 million people in the country waiting for treatment and a workforce crisis it is not time to have a new NHS Bill. It will not ensure the end of privatisation and she would prefer fully funded adult social care within the NHS service. There should be a proper long-term strategy and the Bill should be opposed in the proper way and the matter will be considered at the next Health & Wellbeing Board on the 27th July. The important consideration had to be what the impact will be for Brighton  and Hove locally and the deputation would be taken into account during the discussion at the meeting next week.


20.5         The Deputy Mayor thanked Mr Kirk for attending the meeting and speaking on behalf of the deputation. She explained that the points had been noted and the deputation would be referred to the Health & Wellbeing Board for consideration. The persons forming the deputation would be invited to attend the meeting and would be informed subsequently of any action to be taken or proposed in relation to the matter set out in the deputation.


20.6         RESOLVED: That the deputation be noted and referred to the Health & Wellbeing Board.

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