Agenda item - BH2021/01328 - Dolphin House, 2 -6 Manchester Street, Brighton - Full Planning

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Agenda item

BH2021/01328 - Dolphin House, 2 -6 Manchester Street, Brighton - Full Planning




1.             The Planning Manager introduced the application by reference to aerial photographs, plans and elevational drawings and explained the rationale for the Officer recommendation. It was noted that although there would be no public speaking in respect of this application, Mr Parke was in attendance representing the applicants in the event that Members had any questions that it would be more appropriate for him to respond too.




2.       Councillor Theobald sought confirmation regarding noise containment measures and whether there were pick up and drop off arrangements outside the premises. It was explained that conditions would be applied to any permission granted requiring the ground, first and second floor windows facing residential properties to remain closed at all times. Condition 7 referred to the need for a Travel Plan to be submitted in relation to travel to and from the site.


3.       Councillor Moonan enquired regarding the precise nature of the proposed educational establishment, whether it would be a school for secondary school age children with an emphasis on music whether it would specialise in music and whether it was anticipated the 200 pupils in attendance would come from across the city or from beyond. Councillor Moonan stated that she wanted to seek to ascertain the potential impact of journeys to and from the site.


4.       Mr Parke was able to confirm that that the facility would operate as a higher education establishment to university degree level, no younger children would be in attendance who might require to be dropped off/picked up from the site.


5.       Councillor Shanks enquired whether students attending the music school were accommodated nearby and it was explained that they would be living in student accommodation owned and managed by BIM who would be taking over the site. This was located at various locations across the city.


6.       It was confirmed in answer to questions by Councillor Yates that there would be no increase in the number of BIM students overall as they would be relocating from other sites, and that there would be no impact on student housing across the city. Councillor Yates also asked for clarification regarding the very specific condition(s) applied to the earlier permission in relation to the language school use and the rationale by which the change to a music school use was considered acceptable.


7.       Councillor Janio enquired regarding any assessments made regarding sound generated in consequence of the building being used as a music school. It was confirmed that acoustic consultants had made an assessment of proposed noise impact, a detailed accoustic report had been submitted. Mitigation measures were proposed in relation to that part of the building used as a music school, it had been carefully designed internally and it should be noted that there would be office and administrative uses within the building as well as music rooms. Also, Environmental Health had raised no objections to the proposed use.


8.       In answer to questions by Councillor Shanks it was explained that requirements of disability access legislation would need to be met.




9.       Councillor Theobald stated that notwithstanding that she had concerns regarding potential noise generated by the proposed use she was satisfied that adequate mitigation measures were to be put into place.


10.      Councillor Yates stated that he welcomed the proposed use which would result in dispersal of activity from the existing Lewes Road site. This also represented a sensitive use of an existing educational site.


11.      Councillor Ebel said that she had whilst she had initially had concerns in respect of noise generation she was re-assured that this would  be well managed and that this was a good use of the building.


12.      A vote was taken and Members voted unanimously that planning permission be granted.


26.1    RESOLVED – That the Committee has taken into consideration and agrees with the reasons for the recommendation set out in the report and resolves to GRANT planning permission subject to the Conditions and Informatives also set out in the report.



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