Agenda item - Chair's Communications

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Agenda item

Chair's Communications

The Chair of the Board will start the meeting with a short update on recent developments on health and wellbeing.


Vaccination Arrangements


18.1    The Chair stated e she wished to encourage everyone to get their Covid vaccines, booster and flu jab when they could. First, second and booster doses, for those who were eligible, were available from walk-in locations across the city every day. Alternatively you could book an appointment on the national booking service or call 119.Flu vaccines were free for many people from your GP or a pharmacy, and for everyone else they cost around £10-15.


18.2    The Chair also explained that she was seeing fewer people wearing masks around the city and on public transport and urged for people to continue wearing face coverings in busy places if they could. It’s not difficult for most of people and by wearing a mask you’re not only protecting others but also helping many people feel safer to be out.


          Bonfire Night


18.3    With bonfire night coming up that Friday everyone was encouraged to support locally organised events rather than setting off fireworks or having bonfires in their own gardens. People were encouraged to be safe, respect their neighbours and protect our very busy emergency services.


          Healthwatch Brighton & Hove


18.4    Healthwatch Brighton & Hove had been shortlisted for two national Healthwatch awards which celebrate their volunteer team.

·       Hospital Discharge Wellbeing Service – where Healthwatch volunteers called adults recently discharged from hospital to check on their health and wellbeing, signpost them to services and raise any hospital discharge issues with the local NHS Trust.

·       End of Life project – where Healthwatch volunteers spoke to people at the end of their lives about their discharge from hospital. The recommendations will be considered as part of our ‘Dying Well’ Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy delivery plan.

           They find out next week if they've won.         281021-healthwatch-brighton-and-hove-shortlisted-two-prestigious


          Carers Event


18.5    There was an event for carers on Thursday 25 November for Carers’ Rights Day at St Augustine’s Centre. It was a chance for carers to meet other carers, get support and find out more about welfare benefits and social prescribing. Contact the Carers Hub for more info or to book a place.


18.6    RESOLVED – That the Chair’s Communications be noted and received.




18.7    The Democratic Services Officer then called over the items appearing on the agenda and all were called for discussion with the exception of:


          Item 28 – Health and Wellbeing Board Development Task & Finish Group: Proposals for Further HWB Development


          The above report recommendations were agreed unanimously without discussion.


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