Agenda item - Presentation - Air Quality Control in the City

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Agenda item

Presentation - Air Quality Control in the City

This will be a joint presentation by officers on behalf of the Executive Director, Economy, Environment and Culture (copy of slide presentation attached)


The presentation will focus on headline points following which there will be the opportunity for those present to ask questions.


22.1    The Board received a presentation from Katie Cumming, Consultant in Public Health and Sam Rouse, Air Quality Science Technical Officer in response to a request from Board Members. Air Quality Control had been identified as a priority area of work in order to improve health and wellbeing in the city and had been included in the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy and as such was a core concern for the Board.


22.2    The slides which formed the presentation had been circulated with the agenda pack and were available to view on the Council website. The presentation highlighted key indicators and strategies which would be used going forward and following the presentation Members had the opportunity to ask questions.


22.3    The World Health Organisation (WHO) had stated that there were 7 million premature deaths globally each year, 500,000 in the UK and 175 in Brighton and Hove. Poor Air Quality increases morbidity and mortality from cardiovascular and respiratory disease including IHD, stroke and cancer and also increased morbidity from lower respiratory tract infection, preterm birth and childhood illnesses and toxic intake associated with learning difficulties. There were higher risks for those in low and middle income regions worldwide and for those living in deprivation and in urban environments. Cumulative impacts impacted underlying health conditions, deep coughs, Covid, smoking, poor diet and housing and sedentary lifestyles. Latest global guidance included lower levels of pollutants for health. Monitoring and Computer based models were used in order to assess air quality in the city and capital  and revenue funding was required in order to sustain the council’s statutory duties and these were linked into national and regional guidance. Actions which were being taken locally in order to address this were also summarised.


22.4    It was explained that the Council had statutory responsibility for air quality control measures in its area and the Air Quality Action Plan was comprehensive and multi-disciplinary.


22.4    In answer to questions it was explained that action could be taken in respect of emissions from wood burning stoves in domestic dwellings but that was dependant on the level of nuisance and or harm.


22.5    Councillor Fowler referred to complaints received from residents in her ward in respect of emissions and noxious/toxic smells from the Waste Transfer Station at Hollingdean Depot. It was this matter would be investigated further and a response provided outside of the meeting.


22.6    RESOLVED – That the contents of the presentation be received and noted.

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