Agenda item - Blue/Green Governance and Investment Plan

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Agenda item

Blue/Green Governance and Investment Plan

Report of the Chair, Greater Brighton Officer Programme Board


22.1      The Board considered a report of the Chair, Greater Brighton Officer Programme Board that sought approval for new governance arrangements are needed for a refreshed and revised Infrastructure Panel to develop a Blue/Green Investment Plan.


22.2      Andrew Swayne expressed his support for the proposal and highlighted that the Infrastructure Panel had been a key differentiator for the Region.


22.3      In response to a question from David Maguire, Geoff Raw stated that the proposals were resource dependent and any support the Universities could provide would be most welcome.


22.4      In response to a query from Dean Orgill, Geoff Raw stated that whilst Gatwick Airport had ceased to be a member of the Board due to the challenges of the pandemic, they could certainly be involved in the Panel in some way.


22.5      Councillor Mac Cafferty praised the report that was a key part of the Region’s story and requests to government as well as addressing the climate crisis. 


22.6      Resolved-


1)            That the Board agree new governance arrangements are needed for a refreshed and revised Infrastructure Panel, reporting into the Board, with an independently appointed Chair (see appendix 1 for draft Terms of Reference).


2)            That the Board agree to a selection process to nominate a local authority Member and a Business Partner to sit on the revised Infrastructure Panel. The University Business Partners will also nominate a representative to sit on the panel.


3)            That the Board agree to the establishment of a Scientific, Technical and Advisory Panel (STAP) led by the Universities of Sussex and Brighton to secure research funding and create a roadmap to net zero targets.


4)            That the Board agree to commission work to prepare a Blue/Green Investment Plan to shape our regional narrative, package up our environmental project pipeline and showcase opportunities for investment.


5)            That the Board agree to commit existing budget (£40,000) for the commission of the Investment Plan, along with potential seed funding from private sector Infrastructure Panel members, and BHCC funding already identified (£30,000).


6)            That the Board seek to secure an additional £180,000 from stakeholders so that the total funding for year 1 of the work amounts to £250,000.


7)            That the Board agree a progress report will be brought to the July 2022 Board meeting.

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