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Agenda item

Chairs Communications


18.1    The Chair noted that this would be Frances McCabe’s last meeting as a HOSC members as she is standing down as the Healthwatch Brighton & Hove Chair and hence as the Healthwatch HOSC co-optee. The Chair thanked Ms McCabe for her valuable contribution to the work of the HOSC. Ms McCabe responded by thanking HOSC members for the positive way they have worked with Healthwatch to represent the interests of local people.


18.2    The Chair also told members:


One of the items at today’s meeting is on the recent CQC inspection of selected services at University Hospitals Sussex sites in Brighton, Hayward’s Heath, Worthing and Chichester. I’m sure that West Sussex HASC will have their own plans to scrutinise improvement planning at the hospitals in West Sussex; Brighton & Hove HOSC will of course focus on services at the Royal Sussex County. However, as RSCH surgery and maternity services have been rated as ‘Requires Improvement’, and as significant numbers of both West and East Sussex residents use the RSCH either as their local general hospital or as a specialist centre, I have invited the Chairs of West Sussex HASC and East Sussex HOSC to join today’s meeting virtually to take part in the CQC report item.


I thought it would be a good opportunity to remind you all that if you haven’t had your Covid vaccine yet, or you are due your second, or booster, there are appointments available to book, or walk-in sessions available every day. This includes walk-ins and same-day appointments at Churchill Square.


For anyone that was put off by long queues during December, please know there’s plenty of capacity at all sessions so wherever is most convenient for you to go, you shouldn’t have to wait very long.





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