Agenda item - Covid Update Presentation

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Agenda item

Covid Update Presentation

Presentation from Public Health, Adult Social Care and NHS Commissioners on the latest situation regarding the Covid emergency (verbal).


24.1    This item was presented by Alistair Hill, Brighton & Hove Director of Public Health; Lola Banjoko, Managing Director, Brighton & Hove CCG; and Andy Witham, Assistant Director, Commissioning, BHCC Health & Adult Social Care.


24.2    Mr Hill presented on current data regarding Covid infection rates in the city.


24.3    Cllr John asked a question on whether we might expect to see increases in adult (i.e. parental) infection rates following the recent increases in infections amongst children. Mr Hill agreed that this has been the pattern in previous Covid outbreaks, and the current data is already showing increased infections in the 30-35 age group. However, vaccination and immunity built up by previous exposure may limit symptomatic parental infection.


24.4    In response to a question from Cllr Wilkinson on whether Covid was the primary or a contributory factor in locally reported Covid-associated deaths, Mr Hill agreed to find out whether this data is available.


24.5    Cllr Brennan noted her concern that the Government may be relaxing some of the restrictions prematurely, and wondered whether anything could be done locally. Mr Hill told the committee that it was important for people to remain cautious and to continue to use face-covering where appropriate, to be mindful of the importance of ventilation, and to get vaccinated.


24.6    The Chair noted that, whilst restrictions on the general public may be removed as Covid pressures ease, there I still a real risk for vulnerable people which may mean that restrictions need to be in place in health and care settings for some time. It is important that the public is made aware of the continuing need to exercise caution when visiting hospital etc. and it would be helpful if this message was relayed through Covid communications. Mr Hill agreed to share this with Comms colleagues.


24.7    Ms Banjoko and Mr Witham presented on service pressures.


24.8    In response to a question on flu from Cllr McNair, Mr Hill told members that there had been relatively low rates of flu reported to date, although the flu season still has time to run.


24.9    In response to a question from Cllr Brennan on the imminent ending of Covid restrictions, Mr Hill noted that general restrictions may well be eased or removed in the next few weeks. However, this will not necessarily be the case for the health and care sector.


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