Agenda item - Formal Public Involvement

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Agenda item

Formal Public Involvement

To consider the following:



(a) Petitions – to consider any petitions received by noon on 2 March 2022;


(b) Written Questions – to consider any written questions received by noon on 2 March 2022;


(c). Deputations – to consider any Deputations received including any received from full council.



33(a)  Petitions


33.1    There were none.


33(b)  Written Questions


33.2    There were none.


33(c)  Deputations


          Social Prescribing


33.3    It was noted that one Deputation had been received from Mr John Kapp, signed by five other signatories and that this had been referred directly for consideration by the Board. The Deputation and Officer report accompanying it had been circulated as an addendum to the main agenda and uploaded to the council website. It was noted that the Board could receive and note the Deputation or call for a report on the subject.


33.4    Mr Kapp was invited to address the Board for a period not exceeding 5 minutes. Mr Kapp stated that he was concerned that in the event that the Board chose to note the Deputation on the pretext that this was outside the Board’s powers, that effectively that would mean that nothing would be done. If a report was called for that would result in a delay until the Board’s next meeting during which time those in desperate need, up to 50,000 would fail to be reached. There was a third option that the Board could instruct the CCG to begin looking at contractual arrangements with the many thousands delivering complimentary therapies across the city. Their treatment could commence as soon as contracts were signed. There was no reason that yoga and other complimentary treatments could not be delivered to those were depressed/suicidal. The speed with which vaccination programmes had been implemented was an example of that. Payment could be made by using prescription vouchers and if there was the will to do so democratically elected Members could influence the manner in which the huge CCG budget was spent, which CCG Members who were elected were unable to do. The report on Social Prescribing to the October meeting of the Board had indicated that social prescribing could be used ahead of medication and he hoped that the Board could use their powers in that way. He contended that under the Health Act 2012 the Board did have those powers. That was the key point which Mr Kapp wished to make.


33.5    Mr Kapp was thanked for his Deputation and Ms Galliano referred to her position as Acting Chair and to her role and enquired whether any of the Board Members present wished to comment in respect of the Deputation, but they did not. Mr Kapp was again thanked for his Deputation which was noted would appear in the minutes and would appear in full on the council webcast which would be available for repeated future viewing.


33.6    Board Members were then asked whether they wished to call for a report or to note the content of the Deputation. Members agreed that the Deputation be noted.


33.7    RESOLVED -That the content of the Deputation be noted and received.

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