Agenda item - Member Involvement

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Agenda item

Member Involvement

To consider the following matters raised by Members:


(a)          Petitions: To receive any petitions;


(b)          Written Questions: To consider any written questions;


(c)          Letters: To consider any letters;


(d)          Notices of Motion: to consider any Notices of Motion referred from Full Council or submitted directly to the Committee.




(B)      Written Questions


(1)           Speed Cameras


13.1      Councillor Fishleigh read the following question:


“How much does it cost to install and maintain a speed camera, and what advice would you give to residents who would like to see more of these on roads where traffic routinely breaks the speed limits?”


13.2      The Chair provided the following reply:


“The Sussex Safer Roads Partnership operate speed cameras on behalf of Sussex Police so this question should be directed to them at who will be able to advise”.


(2)           Parking meters


13.3      Councillor Fishleigh read the following question:


“How will people who don’t have mobile phones be able to use parking meters in the city?”


13.4      The Chair provided the following reply:


“The parking meters are no longer operational. If you do not have a mobile phone, you can pay for parking by cash or card at any shop in the city with the PayPoint sign. You’ll need the parking location number which is on signage and the vehicles registration number. There are over 150 shops with PayPoint in Brighton & Hove. The PayPoint vendor locations are linked on the Council’s website and each vendor is encouraged to put up clear signage”.


13.5      Councillor Fishleigh asked the following supplementary question:


“There are three pay for parking outlets in Rottingdean and none of the nearby shops have a Paypoint outlet so please will you suspend paid for parking until that is rectified?”


13.6      On behalf of the Chair, officers agreed to contact Councillor Fishleigh directly.


(3)           Pedestrian Crossing


13.7      Councillor McNair was unable to attend the meeting so a response was sent in writing.


(4)           Excessive Cycle Speeds


13.8      Councillor Earthey read the following question:

“What steps can be taken to enforce the speed limit along the undercliff between the Marina and Saltdean to stop cyclists travelling at excessive speeds, and endangering pedestrians?”


13.9      The Chair provided the following reply:


“The Undercliff Walk is used by pedestrians and cyclists, and we hope people consider and respect each other’s safety. This is especially true during busy periods like on weekends and during good weather.

There are signs from the Marina to Saltdean including certain areas where cyclists are asked to dismount such as the Ovingdean Café. This is for everyone’s safety. We want everyone to enjoy the Undercliff Walk and we ask they do so responsibly in a way that doesn’t put others at risk of harm.

Officers have recently reviewed the signage and agree that the ramps at Saltdean require some enhancement. In addition to this, officers will support Sussex Police with three planned action days at various locations on the undercliff in July to remind cyclists of their responsibilities. Enforcement is a police matter, and all incidents should be reported to Sussex Police”.


(5)           Excessive e-scooter speeds


13.10   Councillor Earthey read the following question:


“What steps can be taken to prevent e-scooters from speeding along the same undercliff and endangering pedestrian?”


13.11   The Chair provided the following reply:


“All E-scooters are currently illegal on the public highway (footway and carriageway) in the city. Brighton & Hove is a not taking part in the current Dept for Transport authorised trials for hire fleets in England which have been running since November 2020 and are due to be reviewed in May 2024.

Privately owned E-scooters are legal for use on private land in the UK with the landowners’ consent. The undercliff is not public highway but is council land, and in this case a byelaw permitting e-scooter use in this area would require committee approval. Enforcement is a matter for Sussex Police who are seizing E-scooters and imposing fines in campaigns across Sussex when resources allow. Three action days are planned by police in July, and Council officers will support these events”.


(6)           Signage


13.12   Councillor Earthey read the following question:


“Is it possible to put very clear signage up at either end of the Undercliff to encourage cyclists who wish to travel from the Marina to Saltdean and beyond to use the cliff-top cycle path as the preferred through-route?”


13.13   The Chair provided the following reply:


“Officers are currently reviewing the signage along the undercliff.

This will focus on encouraging those using the undercliff, including cyclists, to be aware of others and use the space accordingly.

It is important that any additional signage is targeted for it to be effective. Too much signage can be counter-productive. Both the cliff top and undercliff paths provide important routes for different cyclists and officers have advised that signing one route over the other is unlikely to be an effective solution. We are however looking at ways to increase awareness and reduce speeds”


13.14   Councillor Earthey asked the following supplementary question:


“Can you improve the signage as it is currently set against the cliff rather than in view”


13.15   The Chair provided the following reply:


“Officers will look at that as part of the review that is underway”.


(7)           Signage


13.16   Councillor Earthey read the following question:


“Is it possible to erect no-cycling signs and barriers at the three cafes (Ovingdean Café, Molly’s, and The Whitecliffs Café) to protect the food/drink queuing and seating areas from cycles and e-scooters?”


13.17   The Chair provided the following reply:


“As per my previous reply, officers are currently reviewing the signage and barriers along the undercliff to identify where additional or replacement signage may be useful”.


(8)           Wardens


13.18   Councillor Earthey read the following question:


“Can BHCC offer occasional patrols from cycle or undercliff ‘wardens’ at peak times to enforce restrictions (we have litter wardens, but no 4-year old child ever got put in hospital by the dropping of litter)”.


13.19   The Chair provided the following reply:


Seafront Officers patrol the Undercliff every morning and will always ask cyclists to dismount if they are cycling in an area where cycling is not permitted.  These patrols will be increased during the school summer holidays when a member of the Seafront Team will be based in The Deans on a quad bike during the day.  There main focus will be on water safety and supporting the lifeguards but they will speak to cyclists if they observe any unsafe activity”.


(9)           A259


13.20   Councillor Davis read the following question:


“Can the Chair update the committee on the progress of the A259 report and give a cost to date on the contractors fees?”


13.21   The Chair provided the following reply:


“Thank you for your question on the A259 Cycle and Pedestrian Improvement scheme. Officers are liaising with Contractors regarding the termination of the Construction Contract the financial implications have not yet been determined but will be reported back to this Committee once we have this alongside proposals to implement a redesigned bidirectional cycle facility and improved pedestrian access along the seafront”.

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