Agenda item - Sport & Physical Activity Presentation

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Agenda item

Sport & Physical Activity Presentation

Presentation of the Director of Public Health.


8.1      The Healthy Lifestyles Manager, Consultant in Public Health and Active    for Life Manager introduced the presentation which provided the Board   with an update on sport and physical activity in the city.


8.2      Jessica Sumner queried if maps with different sources of activity were available for the city.


8.3      Cllr West raised points regarding the continuation of the downtrend of           activity levels pre-pandemic, the health benefits of physical activity,          the      cost and availability of sports and recreational activities, the water quality      of the sea as a deterrence for residents in utilising the city’s blue spaces,         how to encourage people to be more active when they can’t afford to   and the importance of active travel and how we can better invest in it.


8.4      Alistair Hill requested that the emphasis on geography came through in      the final strategy.


8.5      Rob Persey queried if being a coastal city was a positive or neutral factor       in promoting physical activity and whether the city’s blue spaces were          being optimised.


8.6      Alan Boyd raised points about the heat map, recognising the needs of different communities, under 16-year-olds not being active enough and    addressing physical and mental health as a priority for young people.


8.7      Will Tuckley underpinned the importance of a system approach and          stated that there was a strong case for targeted approach to physical      health, addressing barriers and reversing the distribution of investment.


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