Decisions for issue Proposed Submission City Plan Part 2

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Proposed Submission City Plan Part 2

06/03/2020 - Proposed Submission City Plan Part 2

RESOLVED: That the Committee


1        Noted the summary of the main issues raised in the consultation on the draft City Plan Part Two carried out 5 July – 13 September 2018 (included at Appendix 2 with a full summary schedule set out in the Statement of Consultation published on the City Plan Part Two webpage:;


2        Noted the procedural note for tabling amendments at Full Council (included at Appendix 6) 43.


3        Recommended that the Proposed Submission City Plan Part Two (along with the policies map and other proposed submission documents) was referred to Full Council for consideration.


4        Approved the following studies as supporting evidence for the City Plan: Student Accommodation Study, SHLAA update, Gypsies and Travellers Needs Assessment Update, Build to Rent Study, an Update to the 2018 Wildlife Study, the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 1 and 2 Screening and the Older Person Housing Needs Assessment 2019.



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