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Council Tax Reduction Review

05/12/2019 - Council Tax Reduction Review

RESOLVED: That the Committee


1.    Confirmed that the current Council Tax Reduction scheme shall continue without amendment, except for technical amendments to the amounts and allowances used to calculate entitlement.


2.    Noted that despite a July 2019 decision of this committee, no consultation has been undertaken with residents on options for council tax bill support, thereby preventing substantive changes to the CTR scheme for 2020/21.


3.    Confirmed that officers should produce a further report following the General Election with more detailed proposals for a new welfare framework incorporating a city-wide view, i.e. having consulted with members from all Groups and key stakeholders. Committee requests that such a report also outline specific timescales for a future council tax reduction consultation, as originally requested in a July 2019 decision of this committee.


4.    Noted that since 2015, £2.2m has been taken out of the CTR scheme, and agrees to consult residents on whether the 2021/22 CTR scheme should:

1. Reduce the minimum liability to 15%

2. Reduce the taper rate from 25p to 20p

3. Delete the restriction on minimum council tax reduction, being £5 per week or £260 per year.


5.    Noted the absence of an agreed report on the result of promotion work done on the scheme and discretionary fund. Committee requests officers to undertake an urgent marketing exercise to promote the Discretionary Fund, with a particular focus on working with city partners, housing associations and others, to ensure maximum reach to low-income households.


6.    Approved £200,000 funding for the discretionary fund in 2020/21; this would require additional one-off funding of £190,000.


7.    Agreed to explore the introduction of additional one-off funding to support this marketing exercise as outlined in 2.4.


8.    Confirmed that work should continue towards the creation of a more comprehensive welfare framework that better joins up support from officers to residents in need.


9.    Noted the options and provides a steer for wider consultation with stakeholders as the new welfare framework is developed.





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