Decisions for issue Land Strategy & Capital Receipts

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Land Strategy & Capital Receipts

19/03/2020 - Asset Disposal Process to support the Medium-Term Financial Strategy and achievement of Capital Receipts

RESOLVED: That the Committee:


(i)            Agreed the criteria set out in paragraph 3.11 of this report for identifying non-HRA council-owned property and land as being suitable for disposal.


(ii)          Agreed that when the Council appropriates land from the General Fund to the Housing Revenue Account the sum paid to the General Fund should meet best consideration under Section123 of the Local Government Actb1972.


(iii)         Noted that any recommendations to dispose of land or property comply with the criteria and asset disposal process set out in paragraphs 3.11 and 3.12, and are brought to P&R committee with a business case for approval.


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