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BTN Bikeshare

24/03/2020 - BTN Bikeshare

That the Environment, Transport & Sustainability Urgency Sub-Committee


1)             Approves immediate variations to the current contract to allow for the change in business model and sponsorship arrangements with effect from 31 March 2020 and to allow for the operational and additional minor amendments referred to in paragraph 3.16 below;


2)             Approves a 12 month contract extension and supporting revenue funding for the current operator from 01 September 2020;


3)             Approves the initiation of a full procurement options review to include additional support for service and redistribution and the introduction of e-bikes to the scheme, with the option of considering an in-house operation, and for including wider city region Local Authority partners;


4)             Agrees that a further report be brought to 23th June 2020 Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee detailing the outcome of the procurement options review with recommendations for the retender of the new service or an in-house operation. 


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